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please forgive your useless sister.

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Comments (96)

Congrats on the job man!

thank you

Lucky bastard...

Have fun, man.

i will sir


Congrates, man its not everyday you get the job of your dreams eh?

the army taught me how to be a team player

awesome! congrats on the job, man! sounds like you're pretty hyped about it :D

yes heh

Well done man, awesome work!!!

thanks jenova! nice seeing you

Movin' on up.

Awesome, Congrats!!

dude youve always been an inspiration to me and i must say im a big fan,

i hope to see some of your work there at plexipixel!

congrats dude.

thank you! can't wait to see what i'll be working on this summer

Yay! Your first future paycheck. woo! Nice job RTIL!

So you're in college now? The Digi pen right? FIrst year?

To me, I would have rather chose Cartoon NEtwork internship!!! Cartoon network is a cooler choice, and you'll probably learn more there than the company i've never heard of. Also by working in cartoon network you'll meet new people there, you know, networking. This kinda business is all about networking.

If you still got a chance go to CN!!!!!

realistically plexipixel is the better choice for me, especially financially. and if i wanted to work at CN someday, having this company on my resume is good. if i went down to CN , i don't even know what i would be working on. who knows, i could be getting people coffee and filing papers. it could be sort of a dead-end thing. with this, i have guaranteed experience and these people have connections, too. just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean that they're not a viable entertainment business.

How old are you?

That's exciting! Congrats, man!

Also, Chowder is the best thing since Freakazoid!

hehe. probably!

That's news to me that Ghostbot outsources; I thought it was just 3 animators with a love for...well, ESurance. Guess they're bigger than that.

it was kind of a weird project - it was originally a commercial for the sounders, Seattle's national soccer team, and then somehow eSurance got thrown into the picture. maybe they were a sponsor. they gave plexipixel the assets for the characters and they made a short out of it.

That's pretty exciting man, congrats!

Also, my comment might as well be a carbon copy of everyone else's. I'm so original.

works for me !

Yo are makin sum cool amonations

well after all i am an amonator

That's wassup man. Hope they're not evil like Disney and their contract that says "We own WHATEVER you make, even on your own time."

i don't think so. i've met with the owners and they are great people.

I could get an animation job a few miles away from where I live. I'd make trailers for international movies and shit but I'd have to learn how to use After Effects together with flash. Would be pretty nice but nah. School's really easy for me at the moment, though, I need to learn a fuckload cause I'll write my final exams in May I think. Then I will graduate and go to some other school for 3 years. The other school already accepted me B).

after effects is cool. oh well. who needs a job when you got millions of dollars and all the women in the world? you are the king of all parties, psi. that's all you need in this life

holy crap, well done. with it being a flash company i'm actually pretty surprised you can't just work from home.

We don't break up till May : / lucky bastard.

it's better if i'm there because communication is key and, well, working with people from a distance can kind of ruin the animation. that's why outsourcing is usually a bad idea

If you get a job for Cartoon Network, try to clean the shit on that channel up. LOVE CHOWDER!

the first thing i'd do if i worked at CN would be to destroy everything having to do with the show 'ben 10'

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