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I just downloaded the uhhh mobile version of skullgirls. Wew what a ride.

Always been shit at networking and still haven't worked for any studio just some freelance stuff for local bands, advertisers. Any advice to try and break into those groups? Also just outta curiosity what software you using these days? I'm using ToonBoom which was popular about 5 years ago but not sure if that's shifted.

And yea, no one disliked Rtil during the Funnies it was a joke which Rtil got me back for and I have the poster to prove it

They're developing a new character for the Skullgirls mobile game. I have no idea who it might be, though.

As far as networking goes, i've met the most amount of people at conventions. If there's a certain type of client you're after, chances are they vend at some kind of convention, be it a comic con or some kind of industry show. If it's online, outside of the obvious like simply trying to reach out and connect with people looking for leads, a lot of people looking for artists and animators are posting on Discord communities with job postings. Again, it depends on what you're looking for, but i've noticed that is where a lot of people are gravitating these days.

I'm still using Flash to animate - although it's called Animate now - but only out of habit. I really should learn a new software, but i've never taken the dive. That being said, pretty much all collaborative projects I have worked on still predominantly use Flash/Animate for their projects. Probably because we're all around the same age and grew up using it.

I don't remember this thing about a poster, lol. My memory is terrible.

I've followed you for many years now, since Metropolis City I believe, and some other animations you were a part of, which led me to fall in love with your art style. I was pretty upset when I lost track of you and your work and always wondered what had happened. I would see art styles that matched yours in, ironically, the games you mentioned and would tell people it looked like your work. Something about your work really fires something off in my thought processes. You're style is very uniquely yours.

As soon as you started showing up again here on newgrounds I was elated. As soon as that happened I found you on the other media. To avoid sounding any creepier, I'll just leave it at that. I appreciate you taking the time to write a long post to explain everything and at the very least I wanted to share my thoughts.

Thanks for explaining the cliff notes and I hope everything in your life works out in these uniquely challenging times.

Keep up the good work, it helps some people more than you know


thanks for sharing that with me. sorry for disappearing for so long. i was out there, just not really doing my best putting my work on social media for a few years. i should have been doing that a lot earlier.

No one wins in this city...

When I started seeing your name pop up on Newgrounds again, I was like "is rtil really back?", because I loved your art in the olden days (I've been here since '06) and was really sad when you stopped posting, I remember one time (years ago I'm sure) I thought "I wonder how a NSFW art by rtil would look like", lo and behold... I love your art no matter the approach and I'm really happy that you are back! Thank you and take care!

haha. been doing nsfw since 2013 now. got plenty more to share. thanks!

Hey umm... So glad to see an update from you!

Couple of things:

1. Whats your opinion on the upcoming end of Flash?
2. Any chance at all of making new flash? Like a new Metropolis Circuit? Seriously I been waiting for like 15 years!!
3. The links to your sonic mania animations are broken.

Keep up the great work! For what its worth i think your one of the best animators on the interney and I've loved your work for the past 15 years! Say Something and GUM are especially incredible considering how long ago you made them.

1. unfortunate but feels overdue when you consider how out of place it is on today's internet - especially since other similar kinds of web-based plugins have gone the way of the dinosaur a long time ago (like java). even if adobe had somehow found a way to have flash be a part of the modern web, youtube still raised an entire generation of users that have no patience for preloaders. it's probably more complicated than that but i'm at least glad we have ways of getting flash into video reliably. although i will miss the interactive part of it.

2. i have a couple cartoons collecting dust over the years, the only thing stopping me from making them is time and resources. i still animate a lot, but short format is a lot more feasible for me as this has gone from being a hobby to being a profession. i'd like to imagine someday i can fund a cartoon that i could have other people help me animate, because doing it on my own would take far too long as my own standards for what i want to release have gone beyond what is feasible for one person to do in a realistic amount of time.

3. yeah, something is wrong with my portfolio site right now. try again tomorrow.

thanks for your comments and questions, i appreciate it!

Out of curiosity do you still develop/work on Project Freetown even if just in note form?

i kinda stopped writing stories altogether a long time ago outside of very short comic ideas. any ideas i have are just in my head. Freetown was too ambitious and i kinda lost interest in it as my tastes evolved over the years. I mean it took me half a year just to make that 2 minute (?) short. I've just never had enough confidence in my own stories to believe that investing time/money/effort needed to make them to my standards was worth it.

@CoolDrMoney @rtil
Huh I figured Flash was dead by now. Didn't know it was viable in the industry. As far as network cartoons I remember hearing ToonBoom was the standard. Haven't used Flash in like 5 years guess I should refamiliarize myself just incase.

That info is super helpful and I actually reached out to one of my old colleagues and I guess he's scored a few gigs just from going to PAX. So I really screwed up because I've never been to a convention lol

And yea it was the poster you sold on your site like about a decade ago. It's the one with the little girl on the swing over the uhh bad boy ghosts at the bottom. A very long poster. You signed it and also put in the memo "No, YOU'RE gay" which I got a kick out of. Still hanging in my room.

well i mostly work on games these days but for some of the animation projects i have worked on FLA's were still being passed around from studio to contractor and back. i've never once had to install toonboom or be asked to convert anything. it's possible that toonboom can open these files but i don't actually know. do i think it's a good idea? no, i think flash is garbage, but like i said people are just used to its bullshit and continue to use it out of habit. i even still use it for my own personal animations because of this.

i'd like to say that eventually it will be phased out, but Adobe still heavily markets it as "Adobe Animate" and despite its anti-consumer pricing model and horrible infrastructure it continues to dominate. honestly i just think a lot of people pirate it because despite their attempts to combat piracy it's easier than ever to get an illegal copy. aside from that i can't say it's really evolved all that much, but i have to give them some credit for adding things like a built-in camera that supports parallax and an attempt at puppet tools. but it still feels like shit overall. still, for basic 2D animation it has everything you need and at the end of the day it's all about the artist and not so much about the tool. that and a lot of post work that gives it that extra polish is being done outside of Flash, like adding fancy effects and junk in AE.

2020 is fucked for conventions right now so i guess that idea is shot for a while, but when they get going again it's never too late to start. be sure to print out some nice business cards if you haven't already. oh and maintain a simple portfolio site with your best work. you probably already have one but i tell people that anyway.

as far as the poster goes, that would have been my first guess lol. i have no memory of doing this, but it doesn't surprise me at all. good times :^)

Whoa, you've done some awesome stuff in the past years! Time well spent

whoa i just started coming back to NG also

@CoolDrMoney you could always ask certain profs from your university for leads ;)

You should go back to animating that interesting IP with the futuristic skating. I'm sure you had a lot of ideas and it really did seem very interesting. Great to have you back my man.

can't say i'll ever return to that specifically but i hope someday i can have the time and ambition to work on something of that scale again.

I've seen a few of your art which I loved, but I never realized until after reading this that you did that VFX shot for Rick & Morty S4 Ep1. That's so cool!

I was surprised you came back. I remember when you use to make fun of weebs. I saw Metropolis a long time ago. I remember when Katawa Shoujo first came out. I do know a certain board was freaking out at some random suggestion as an idea back in 2007 for a VN and some guy who read it decided to make it a reality.

Oh my god. I'm late but welcome back dude!

I just wanted to take this as opportunity to wish you congratulations on all your success.

I'm glad to see that you are back.

thanks Mightydein!

@Mightydein @rtil

I still have that perfect cel pin you sold me.

Glad you are still making new artwork.

Goddamn, hard to believe its actually been almost a decade.

Bloody heartwarming to see so many people still stuck around here welcomming u back.

I knew u were quite into Katawa Shoujo. I checked it out and played through it a few times after seeing some of the cool chainsaw stuff u did with it on DA. (And ya even got some official artwork for it published, noice!)

And glad u decided to share some experiences of your past bussines ventures here. Since I'm still a stubborn lil 90s kid who'd rather stick to its old guns, than to hop on twitter, fb, instagram or whatever slightly different thing of the same ol social media shit if gonna inevitably follow it up again and again.
Especially pleasantly supprised since before the big hiatus, u usually kept the amount of words here on NG quite minumum to the crowds.
So yeh, was a gud & interresting lil read. Appreciate it.

thanks! yeah, time flies - amazing to see so many familiar faces after all these years. but comforting that some things haven't changed. the internet has gotten a lot more exhausting since the old days.