please forgive your useless sister.

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Just ankles and shoulders? So an amish OnlyFans?

it's what the world needs right now

Will this be a try not to cum challenge because of it is I’m in and I can not wait for it.

it will be impossible even if you chop your dick off your brain will experience sensory overload and grow a new one just so it can find release

your new arts good but what if mario jumped on the flagpole lol

omfg.............it would be epic

Okay, unrelated but gonna throw thia in there, but i was lookin for yer old Drillbit girls and found out they were deleted. Any chance u could re-upload em (or redo). I miss the green haired gal with the juicy thighs T_T

hmm i know what girl you're talking about but not the specific piece, sorry.

Okay so I went to do a lil digging to see if i could find me 'ol favorite 'Drillbit girl 2' (that speciffic pin-up).
First, I went into ur deviantart gallery. And oh boi, has modern web-design gone to shit. Gone are the times of going to the bottom of a page, to click a page number or the arrow button to go to the last page, to go straight to the old stuff. Now you're forced to scroll your way down, let a bunch of icons load, scroll down again, then rince and repeat until you've hit the bottom (and better not accidentally click anything on the way, or you'll have to go back and scroll down from the top again).

So I reached the earlier Katawa Shoujo stuff with the lil gifs off all of the girls (and the one with Rin and the chainsaw arms, wich made me check out and play through the visual novel, also turned out to be my fave gal from the start, even without chainsaws! :D).
But I felt like a sailor getting land in sight, reaching that part, and scrolled further down, getting reassured seeing old familiar works, came by the girl on the swing, looking way down from a cliff, wich I still got the poster from in pretty decent condition, surviving a couple of moves and re-hangings.
And that oughta be the period it was in. And among the classics that were left at the end, the Drillbit Girl 2 wasn't there in the mix. Went thru NG, Facebook and tumbler (didnt bother with twitter). Probably left somewhere on the internet, but I dunno.
But I scrolled by a lot of cool looking stuff on ur facebook, I haven't seen before elsewhere.

Anyhoo, was a fun little search. And a gud reminder to save sum classics I like when I see em. Though kinda sad that one speciffically didn't make the cut. Think it still holds up today.

well i'm at least glad you found some stuff to enjoy. the drawing you're looking for is probably somewhere on my hard drive, but for whatever reason i didn't name it drillbit on my computer, so it didn't come up in a search.

Appreciate the effort to try a quick search m8.
Will probably stumble on it myself later on a dusty old usb-stick or sd card somewhere.
But yeh, still heaps o' good stuff. ':D

thank you. oh and i forgot to mention yes the new deviantart absolutely blows chunks and is the epitome of everything wrong with modern web design.

And while browsing i snagged walkman-chan. Great wallpaper on the DS wich i'm using as walkman/mp3 player ';3


I love gay 4chan memes shoop da whoop

longcat is long XD

pranked bro epic style
shut up fagtil

So cool to learn about your humble beginnings here. I had never watched GUM before this, but it's pretty neat!