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i feel you on that. menus are like an immersive waiting room to get you in the zone before pressing play. they can be really cool and highly interactive - nowadays if you were to do something like it in html, it'd take forever and your animations cant even be as dynamic :/ i think it has something to do with google material design and other UI design systems trending towards getting the user their content as fast and smooth as possible without making it a unique experience

one thing i will miss is the interactivity that happens during animations or video. oculus VR quill animations actually have something where there are stopped parts you can play once you're ready (to give you a chance to explore the scene). but i feel like we're starting back from square 1 where flash already had traveled to. the way you can use actionscript on randomizing an experience every time, or have interactive animations like choose your own adventure. it's completely gone from any video experience nowadays.

hah, it's like a lost internet relic that the next generation has to re-learn - probably because there's not a lot of overlap between amateur flash movie makers and VR developers. also i think people just have little patience these days due to the instant gratification nature of the internet and how fast it has become. people are used to being able to stream high quality video instantly and don't want it any other way.

And Flash was so easy to make something. It was like 4 pieces of software in 1. Now I have to constantly switch between Spine, Aseprite or photoshop, unity/gamemaker and my coding software.

I hate it

@phenorax I don't know if there'll be a way to keep making stuff in Flash, but at least Newgrounds Player can let us play all the stuff that's already here.

ill miss smash flash 2 and newgrounds rumble

I miss developing those menus. Always added a couple weeks to the development period, but hiding things in random places was always fun. Clickable parts that played sounds, alternate scenes, whatever you wanted. And yeah, you could probably do something like that in a game engine too, sort of, but it was a built in part of flash so you didn't have to build something crazy from the ground up to achieve it. Just learn a little actionscript and you're good to go. I'd considered doing something like that myself in Unity, but it wouldn't have been worth it in the end really. There's different ways to be creative these days, but they aren't as easy to hide as they were back then. Nothing more than making hidden links or multiple ending videos or something.

Maybe someday some developer will realize what's been lost and perhaps incorporate some kind of robust menu system that could reintroduce easter eggs like that? We can dream, anyway.

I am preserving all the swf files I can find. I have backed up most of Cards-n-toons and have been adding animations to the stack. You can thank the wayback machine for giving us access to the old swf versions. I will certainly be backing up some of your old files too. :)

This is another location archiving flash games specifically, I help over there when I can as well. http://www.flashgamearchive.com/

RIP Flash :'(

Flash, it was my childhood, and the very first time I started playing games on the internet.

I might find myself talking a lot here but let me share my experience.

I was introduced to my first internet game in 2012 - 2014 which was a point and click shooting game where I defend some sort of building from a wave of soldiers.

After that, I then found out about y8.com, and I first watched animations from it and played more shoot 'em up games.

Also other websites with Flash like Friv, 2 Player Games, Max Games-
And Newgrounds, which I believe I found out in about 5 or 4 years ago...

I haven't been using Flash Player that much but seeing something that I had enjoyed in my childhood to be going away is actually slightly saddening, in a way.

Still, doesn't mean I felt like I missed out on things because I have done a lot on it and I feel like it's enough, I finished Sift Heads, played some old Sniper games and such.

To remove it, well, I feel like other kids can enjoy playing it or watch animations from it.
(I know there are some questionable content that are made with Flash but that's besides the point.)

So basically, I can't say I miss it, but it doesn't exactly have to go.

But of course, I know they're doing it to convert it to something more compact and less lengthy, the best they could do is at least keep it similar to Flash.

Hey buddy, killerdoll13 here!

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