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With you all the way! Sounds like a great idea...though I'm sure a certain toads page will be vandalised in no time ;)

haha. i will leave it up to someone else to revert THOSE edits.

Hey rtil! nice to see your finally getting it all together! I'd contribute if i new much about flash but im fairly new so..maybe.
Can't wait for Project FreeTown it looks gr8!!

even suggestions and things help. thanks!

I remember reading about this on your sheezyart journal and it looks like it's coming together beautifully. The thing that intrigues me the most is the tutorials, tips and tricks section, it will be great to have all that information in one place for people to learn from. I'll try and contribute as much as I can.

That's what i am hoping. One place for every resource. Organized, and ready to go. Edited by everyone. Glad you're on board. :)

What about a place where those who are pretty knowledgeable in flash/game history but lack flash contributions can impart their knowledge? I can't wait for Anipedia to be done!

They will be working on the tutorials, tips and tricks section then. :)

Unlike FlashWiki, It looks like Anipedia will have a lot more effort put into maintaining it. Nowadays, it's like nobody even really runs FlashWiki. Once their beta days were over, it's like the staff just stopped doing anything on the site. When I first found out about FlashWiki, I tried to contribute a decent amount to the site. Once I realized they aren't really doing anything, I stopped contributing there. You probably won't like my idea but maybe it would be a good idea to see if the sites can be merged as one big wiki site for all things flash. Since FlashWiki's staff pretty much does nothing nowadays, it would be as if you pretty took over the site.

Looking over the site though, I wouldn't want any of their articles or templates. I'd like to start front he ground up, and that's what I'm doing. Hope to see you there

I agree with you about FlashWiki.

Signed onto Anipedia =D

And when I get the chance I'll sign on to the forum too.

awesome, thank you.

"Looking over the site though, I wouldn't want any of their articles or templates. I'd like to start front he ground up, and that's what I'm doing. Hope to see you there"

What if someone such as myself created most of a wiki entry that has a lot of polish put into it? For example, I wrote everything except for the Playable Characters section in the Newgrounds Rumble wiki entry on WikiFlash. If I joined Anipedia, would you prefer I not bring that wiki entry to it?

<a href="http://www.flashwiki.net/index.php?title=Newgrounds_Rumble">http://www.flashwiki.net/index.php?ti tle=Newgrounds_Rumble</a>

the article looks great. you can bring in what you think is quality material, but keep in mind you'll also have to bring in the templates for the infobox.
if you'd like to start developing those kinds of sections, great, just make sure you keep in mind kind of the general style of anipedia, as far as colors, tables and fonts go.

are you going to join? i'd be happy to see someone who is dedicated to writing material on board.

I just now joined Anipedia. I'll try to contribute to the site every now and then.

thank you

this sounds like somthing that could help people learn and start doing flashes when i look at the idea for the tips and tutorial section. so some1 like me could learn how to do flashes from more experienced people. i like this idea.

awesome. hope that you will come to use it

Hey I totally wanna be a part of Anipedia, but I havn't put anything on ng YET.

Im working SOOOO hard on a flash right now, and when I get it on, I hope to be able to help out with Anipedia

very cool. good luck on the flash

Sounds cool, but I'm not the best at flash, but I'd glady help out, and post if I get any stuff done. Well I hope it works out, and hey you might have the next big thing for flash. Good luck.

thanks :)

It sounds like a wonderful idea. I'd love to contribute, and maybe one day I'll sign up, since I've turned some of my friends on to flash, and have had to explain the basics to them. It's fun to teach the basics, so I'll check it out! ;*

i'd be happy if you signed up sir

i wonder if that wonchop article was made by wonchop

me laik community projects. i'll help out later this week.

hows that freetown coming along.. are you trying to purposely distract thus with said anipediaaaaa


I'll help out when I figure out how to write these wiki things.. Couldn't be too hard, right?

Ok I took my flashwiki entry and put it on anipedia. Updated it a bit though.. Couldn't figure out a few things. Maybe I can fix them later :[

read the focus page and it should explain what you need to know to create an article properly. and of course i'm happy to answer questions.

sounds like something interesting, I'm in

sweet, welcome

I think this is a great idea, and I totally support it. I may sign up for it but I really don't know the wiki formatting code. Maybe this site will change that.

I don't know how the Wiki system works but I worry about page vandalism. There are a lot of love/hate relationships with animators all over Newgrounds and it seems like it'll be a common occurrence to stumble upon a page that has GAY GAY GAY written all over it or something. Is there a way to protect against that while still being able to leave pages open for editing?

yes. because wiki software can be edited by everyone, there is also the ability to roll back anyone's edits. pages can also be protected from unregistered users, and even everyone except admins. myself and my 2 other current admins can currently easily monitor things like vandalism, and we take it very seriously.

i `am `extremely `gay ```` ` ` `

hi Insho :)

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