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I think CS4 is awesome!New features (if used right) make it much easier for some stuff that you would have to spend lot of time on.

i agree :)

Is there a plug-in or a feature that reduces the size of the brush while drawing when the view is at a hudrend percent? Like making it really thin stylized lines?

not that i am aware of

I'll give you ten bucks if you let me fuck that braud.


I agree , that the new tweening tools are nice, but id much rather they spend that time on improving the drawing tools.

there's not really that much they can do about the drawing tools, unless they changed it to a more raster-based environment

I love new toys and distracting effects that take away from actually having to do work, but what's the playback like for the new add-ons? Are they all choppy and shitty when you export to SWFs like some of the effects in CS3? I feel like there's no point in having cool filters and stuff when you have to do something like exporting effects to PNGs just to properly filter-rape your cartoon without massive lag.
For example, that pic you have up, if it's part of a fBf sequence to you have to have the Cadillac of computers just for it to run smoothly?

two issues here:

1. filters and layer effects require processing power no matter what version of flash you're publishing it in. older machines tend to not be able to handle more than 2 or 3 without frameskipping. more recent machines hardly ever experience lag. on the computer i built this summer i haven't gotten it to lag once. but my 5 year old computer it lags a little bit on some parts, but not enough to ruin the playback. when it comes to mixing fbf with effects, you simply have to pick your battles wisely.

2. the problem of flash lagging when PNG's suddenly appear is because the SWF hasn't seen the images until that very frame and needs to load hundreds of KB instantaneously. there's a trick i learned when i made metropolis circuit to remedy this. in one of the very first black frames after the preloader, i put every single PNG image at 1% opacity all scrunched together in a frame. of course, the human eye cannot see it, but it allows the swf to "pre-render", in a sense, all those images before they show up. this completely eliminates the hanging problem later when those images re-appear.

Hey, thx for a helpful post!
I'm using flash 8 for like... 3 years now, because I didn't see any big differences between it and cs3(mostly because I never actually read through cs3's features)
But I heard a lot about cs4, and your post just made me even more curious, so i'm eager to upgrade to it, after I finish my current project)
Nice picture btw, reminds me armitage.

cs3 was not that big of an upgrade, it was more like an aesthetic upgrade. your layout was more customizable and some minor annoyances were tossed aside. but cs4 is quite the jump imo

Well I have a question about CS4, is it easier to program in it? I was thinking of learning some programming, since I want to make a game, but I don't know if I should just use CS3 which is what I have, or upgrade to CS4.

i don't know much about AS3. i don't think the interface for programming has changed very much, though.

Damn, I would've never thought of that. You tricky dick.

wow you draw soooooooooooooooooooooo well. and i will never be fucking good --__________--


Well, that's fantastic! Last time I tried animating, It was like effin'.....I don't know, director MX 2004? was it really?!? Hmm....I should probably hit adobe for some 30-day trials... thanks for the advice, man.
also, Your cool ideas-your WORLD: Freetown, reminds me of JSRF.

someone told me they are charging $15 for a trial now.. i hope that is not true. that is stupid

The color is genuis but itz soooooo hard

Are you talking about Photoshop???

i dunno

did you make it private or delete it
i logged in just now i couldnt see it fuck

do you have the swf?
i really wanna see her suck mario off

lmao she doesn't suck mario off who told you that
anyway you can see it now go check

oh yeah and cs4 needs to be able to export as a fla 8 file

dream on

After my initial hate-speech, I'm sorry to say little has changed. I was able to make due with it by totally reconfiguring my workspace and relying heavily on F4 (someone tipped me off on that and it was helpful), but the interface is still bloated on my tiny screen.

I can't see myself ever using the new stuff they added. I was excited about the 3D stuff, but it changes vectors into bitmaps BEFORE scaling, I mean, who thought that up? It's just so silly...

I still haven't used the bones (Don't know if I ever will) but they're definitely useful, and the tween upgrade was a good change. The deco is pretty useless, but the spray paint could come in handy (they should have made vector brushes instead...)

There's just so many useful things they could do, that I don't understand why they're wasting time on some of this stuff. Like, if you're going to make 3D, make real native 3D, not some sloppy stand it for it... I was mostly frustrated with CS4. My next "upgrade" flash-wise will probably be to one of the free AS3 compilers. I'm 95% in the AS window these days anyway, as I'm doing mostly pixel art.

maybe if you complain more they'll do something about it


holy shit i just saw it
now we are defiantly getting an award of some sort

turd of the week >_< \n/

Im still waiting for John K to die so his ghost can possess my work and you can finally extend peace to me and everyone else you spit delicious, spicy venom at, but hilarious jibes aside...

I hear CS4 is not for us. But not to fear...the shitty bone system of CS4 is not the most this update has to offer. Adobe has been extensively interviewing Flash game programmers and artists so as to better understand what it is we seek out of the program.

Can you believe it? Adobe doing what Macromedia never could: asking us what the hell we want out of Flash. WHO KNEW.



So... about this &quot;easy&quot; way of upgrading.... think you could PM me some further info on that? ;3

maybe i could, maybe i could..

Just when I get used to CS3, they throw another version at everyone to pir- I mean purchase.

hopefully they will stick with CS4 for at least half a decade. not only are there a lot of new features, but they're even more demanding on cpu's. an average machine wouldn't run the new products very well

Funny thing is,I just got CS3 when CS4 came out.
I heard it's pretty difficult to use.
Is it the same as CS3
or a lot different?

different - especially the timeline

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