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please forgive your useless sister.

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Comments (82)

Great work rtil. Do you plan on making anymore sprite movies anytime soon?

not soon but someday yes

...Did I just see Rtil make a sprite movie with Dragonball characters in it?

Did hell freeze over while I was eating?

it's one of our inside jokes, otherwise i wouldn't have lmao

Seriously, though, that was great. Excellent original sprite animation. Went really well with the music. Some great uses of color and whatnot.
I'll write a proper review when I get less lazy.

Awesome flash. Instant daily first.

you are a prophet .. it happened

Haha, that was great. Awesome art and animation. Really cute. :P

thank you

make the bouncing orange a .gif plz

ok i'll do that in like 2 months or something

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limited time offer

I'm love this pixel tool.. It's just too much fun. I've been animating with it all day.

I would've liked it a lot, but lately it seems that many people have had that exact same idea of making a video for that song, borrowing heavily from the original video and still the original manages to remain as the best.

i've never seen one. either way i wasn't trying to one-up the original

5'd for you.

that was pretty damn cool

thank you sir

That was the trippiest sprite animation I've seen in quite a while, and every moment of it was a joy to watch. =P

sweet deal

Nice work Ryan, I liked that one guy with the shades. And most importantly like that you tried something that one wouldnt normally consider you trying. It works for the song and the sprite work is lovely.

Only thing i hated about it is that im going to have it stuck in my head all day now.

now i can finally work on that little white ball thing you gave me!

It felt like my eyes were coated in pixelated sugar.


nice, what happened to doing that other series... metro-something

i'm still working on it, always i am trust me heh

HAH! you are from seattle! had to check your profile after seeing the needle in the back ground. Great Flash, but im reluctant to say it couldnt have been better, due to the EXTREME lack of pixelated dancing hotdogs, meh oh well, I AM TUROK!

seattle is cool

Ufffgh now its gonna be stuck in my head all day.

Very well done, finally fucking sprites that arent just ripped from some shitty site battling each other!

o ya that reminds me i forgot to put super saiyan mario in it

Very cool. You've definitely created something unique here on Newgrounds, which is rare in an animation containing DBZ IP :P Was excited to see Daft Punk make their way in there. By the sample at the end, it seems you've discovered their new live CD. I can hardly stop listening to it. Been looking forward to it since the concert, heh. Anyhow, had fun watching this. Was a welcome side project to the Freetown series.

i love the alive 2007 cd. thanks



neat! but i'm still waiting for the next project freetown installment. i didn't know you did sprites

on occasion. working on freetown 2 as we speak

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