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Comments (15)

I've read it all and I must say it was very interesting. I should really come there, one day. The PPG cell looks really amazing, how much did you have to pay for it? Around 150-300, as you said before, or was it cheaper?

$180, but it was a gift.

That's awesome. I love seeing cels. I have a Jessica Rabbit.
I wish I had gone to ComiCon. Maybe I'll try to arrange to go next year.

You won't regret it

Oh man, That Daft Punk show looked sweet, I'd love too see them live sometime everyone says it's awesome. I'd also love to go to comic con, that'll probably never happen though.

daft punk is seriously the most awe inspiring show ever
and comic con is just a few plane tickets away, entrance fee is only $60.

Damn, that original PPG cell is so fucking hot.


Nice meeting you, sounds like you had a productive comic con experience, continued success to you. You have great vision and immagination.


thanks luis. nice meeting you too

sounds like you got the publicity you were looking for and maybe some contacts?! along with the nickelodeon ones you're gonna get soon ;)

didn't really get any contacts, but talking to them was nice enough.
and the nick thing is coming up soon :)

Comic-con sounds pretty cool. It's a shame I'm in the UK so I'm guessing it'll be a few years before I'll be able to make a trip there. I'm envious that you saw daft punk. They were playing at a festival near me but we only went for a day and they were playing the day after.

Can't wait for Freetown :]

that is quite a ways away. if you ever do plan to come here, make sure it's in sync with comic-con ;)

Awesome man, glad you had fun :)

thank you. i saw your cards on the newgrounds display, very nice.

I hope to see you again next year. 4 days this time bro, NO RIPPIN OFF ANIGEN

i'll go all the way so long as daft punk doesn't show up on the same weekend again

I can't believe you ate all my chocolate =(

Nice Cell, and photos =) Lovin the one of you with Tom Fulp ;D Caption-tastic. Why are all the photos pointing at the roof though/lights? This confused me.

I really gotta go to this sometime. Despite the nerdiness it looks brilliant =)

That Daft Punk show looked DA BOMB too! XD

the photos are pointing up cuz i wanted to make a cool 360 spinaround with it later. you'll see

daft punk was indeed the bomb

Its sad that I watched the Powerpuff Girls so much I actually recognize what scene and episode that cel came from.

I've seen so many photos of Craig. He seems like someone who would be fun to draw.

ahah. i don't think i've seen that episode yet
i'm on a quest to see them allll

ur fine

I saw Daft Punk recently in New York city.

I could not agree with you any more...it was the best show I have ever seen in my entire life. You can't really say anything else about it...


um ppg? u should look at bleedman's version. go to bleedman.com

AHhhh i wanna see DAFT PUNK SOO MUCH....im really jealous. They never play down in the UK D: