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Animating in Clip Studio Paint tutorial from Art Office Hours event!

Posted by rtil - April 27th, 2021

On Saturday I participated in the Art Office Hours event where I talked about animating in CSP for an hour and a half, showing my process, example files and making an animation on stream while answering Q&A. If this is something that interests you, below is a timestamped VOD. As someone who animated in Flash/Animate for a very long time and recently migrated to CSP, I talk about some strengths, weaknesses and differences as well. Enjoy!

Example CLIP file

Have any more animation questions for me? Feel free to ask below.




excited to watch it! i missed like almost all the animation tutorials so seeing this is gonna be awsome!

Whoa, really cool! Never was an animator myself but it's very interesting to learn about the process behind the scenes.


As for interpolation, what do you think of CACANi?

I've never used CACANi myself, but at a glance it seems to be much more feature rich than Flash for animators. Their interpolation reminds me of Flash's shape tween, but with more options and less need for things like shape hints. I mostly work in frame by frame so those kinds of features aren't really for me.

Unfortunately, due to my less-than-ideal work schedule, I missed this entirely. Clips are extremely welcome for me! Is there any way you can get the other artists to upload their parts on YouTube?

I linked to Xinxinix's post which has a lot more VODs.

Macromedia Flash 8 Gang.

(Question: Do you recommend mastering figure drawing and stuff like perspective before animating? Or just drawing and art in general? I'm sorry if the question is vague, I don't know where to start with this stuff.)

You can do both at the same time - I believe that being a better artist will make learning to animate a lot easier, though. For example, someone who is really good at figure drawing and anatomy will be able to craft key poses effortlessly, and someone who understands composition will be able to find more compelling camera angles for their animations. Every aspect of traditional drawing techniques can be applied to animation in some way. In fact, one Richard William's 12 principles of animation is "Solid Drawings", which basically just means that good drawing and draftsmanship lend themselves towards better animation.

@rtil Hmm, okay interesting. Thank you for the reply!

@jthrash @rtil Thanks!

Funny enough I was just looking into some ways to learn how to use CSP's animation tools recently. I'm sure this will be of a lot of help, so thanks for taking the time to walk through the software. I'll be sure to bookmark this so I can study it in the future.

By any chance would I be able to message you later if I come across any issues with adapting to CSP after watching your VOD?

sure! hope you find the video helpful.

off topic question but are you still part of the the star syndicates