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3d/2d, tank awards, stuff

Posted by rtil - May 7th, 2008

so finally school is out and that means my 3d short project is done . you can watch it at my site here. the only other place i've uploaded it is deviantart but the quality wasn't that amazing because it converts it to divx. and you can forget uploading it to a horrible site like youtube. the aspect ratios don't even match. but hey if you like it and want a copy for yourself there's also an AVI you can download off the front page of my site. let me know what you think .. for being my first real 3d short i was pretty happy with how it turned out. i wanted to work on it more but i ran out of time and needed what was left of the school year to render.

what i am most happy about is that now it's "summer vacation" for me and i can start animating in flash again. i already have started on a ton of stuff i'm working on like 4 cartoons at the same time, probably a bad idea but it's what happens when you don't really get to touch the program for 2 months straight. definitely some new stuff will come out soon, a screenshot of one of them is below haha.

also i was surprised to see i was nominated for a tank award. whoevers decision it was i thank you very much and am humbled by it. i'd say my chances are slim to none but i am happy enough to get a nomination for the first annual NG awards. you don't see many sites offering something you can actually hold in your hand in turn for creating content, and i think that will inspire a lot of people to work harder. they definitely look better than the youtube awards (a giant play button on a piece of spinning glass).

aaaaand on that note i suppose we can either have a nice chat or you can take a jab at me for absolutely no reason which a lot of people have been doing lately. peace

3d/2d, tank awards, stuff

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they probably let you into the tank awards just so they can make you lose to someone and say some moral shit like SORRY RYAN IT DOESNT PAY TO BE A JERK LOL

That up there was impressive and you deserve that NG nomination, so kudos and good luck.

thank you leigh

If it was up to me.

I would have picked Foamy over you.


but then you might face TEH squirrely wrath !

Congrats on the nomination man.

Was this your final year?

1 more

You don't want it anyway. I bought a Tank Award last year. It shrunk in the wash. Last time I get anything from this site.

you should SUE THEIR ASS

great job being nominated! your piece was excellent and wel deserved! :)

not bad for a two faced faggot i guess



uhhhh ur gay and the award should go to LF for his WoW thing. FU and ur shit nobody likes u ny ways.

Pururun purun, fami fami faa; You will like my cartoons!

kudos on your nomination.
Maybe school stresses you out and it makes you moreasily flustered by other people/things. By your post you definately seem alot more at peace with yourself. Welcome back to the flash scene.

school does put me on edge usually because nothing is ever done so i can't relax. but thanks i'm glad to be back!

We decided to make monthly awards a gateway to nomination because a lot of the nominees already fit that criteria and it seemed like the most fair way to give the community some control over the nominations. I will say, though, that Metropolis Circuit was on the short list of movies when we first started the list. BUT YOU WON'T WIN IT BECAUSE IT DOESNT PAY TO BE A JERK LOL

i think you guys made the right decision, but i can think of a couple more that would definitely deserve to be in that list as well ( as i'm sure you do too). but that would only make it harder for a judge to pick. i know i would have a difficult time picking with the list that's already there. also lmao anigen

My brain has ceased functioning as a result of trying to understand the posted screenshot.

he will see the light of day soon enough


Nah I'm only messing with ya <3.

Metropolis Circuit is definitely one of the more deserving entry's . Good luck.

thank you

youtube gives out awards? didn't know that.

i like your 3D short, reminds me of daft punk a lot though.

yeah they gave out awards last year in several categories
the helmet probably why it reminds you of daft punk

OMG ur anumatins sux MADNESS fan falhs r teh bets!

Originality and quality dun matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you posted samples of the animation before? For some reason it feels like i've seen this before.

i posted a screenshot once, no samples of animation though

<3 There's some love within the hatred.

*Thumbs up*

o yee

I'm getting a 404 Not Found Error when I try to download the avi. Which is a shame, because it wasn't loading well in Quicktime (I'm not sure if it downloaded at all, I don't use Quicktime, so I don't know if it only starts when fully loaded or not). I really want to see this. I saw the banner, and it looks like this movie is pretty fucking sweet.

thanks for letting me know. i'll check to see if the link is broken.

edit: fixed the link. try downloading it again

Congrats on the nomations!

...and wow, Bobbyballer is the real jerk. He didn't even spell "fuk" correctly.

took care of that thing lmao

I like the short 3D you made. Strung together emotions in a short amount of time, I can't wait to see more.

And with the tank awards, good luck! I enjoyed the circuit , gave me goosebumps :3

yeah that 3D short was very creative man. Also congratulations on the nomination Ryan - I really do hope you win I think you're piece of animation is one of the mot deserving. I do hope you take a trophy home for TBA

- also I think I'd rahter not pull a mindchamber and make untrue sterotypes based off of internet posting about you , so just get this fucking animation done so my eyeballs can have a visual orgasm

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