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hmm, why not

Posted by rtil - July 18th, 2007

i'll give this a shot. i'm liking the new layout. everything looks great. i hope that this brings in lots of great new members, animators and traffic to newgrounds. the userpage i'd say is the best new feature.

anyway, i hope to release my new cartoon very soon. it has taken so long because it is almost 100% frame-by-frame racing adventure through a big city. it's about 3 minutes long, and introduces my new series Project Freetown.

also i don't know if anyone has noticed so far, but a lot of people are reviewing 0/10 on accident because it's kind of hard to tell that there's a star ranking in the review space until you scroll over it. they should have the stars blacked out so that people actually see them, or keep the value of the review score null until and not allow someone to submit their review until they score it.

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Finally, a respectable blog post from a respectable user.

Club Berlin Bouncer: Got any money?
Paul Hackett: Yes I got money. Is that what this is all about, you want money? Why didn't you ask for that in the first place man. Here, it's all I got.
[gives the Bouncer a quarter]
Club Berlin Bouncer: I'll take your money so you don't feel you didn't leave anything tried. Now, you keep the quarter...
[gives Paul his quarter back]
Club Berlin Bouncer: ...but you still have to wait a few minutes.

thank you sir

Eager to see your new one dude. And i know what you mean about the Stars for review score but it's not that hard once you get used to it.

it's a fine system but i think that recently signed up users won't recognize it for some time heh.

rtil i think this has to be the first time I've ever spoken to you using newgrounds

hows it goin

just fine and dandy

I'll definitely checking out that Project Freetown as soon as I catch wind of it.

Very respectable Blog Post.

thank you :) hope you enjoy it when it does come out

Hey man, big fan of your work.
Definitely looking forward to your next cartoon and the series. Is in the same style as how you animated GUM, as in like, pro fbf disney awesome style? That was some fine work there.

And yeah, the userpage is pretty much the best feature. Allows so much better communication and such between the users.
See ya dude.

It's not in the same drawing style, but it is treated in the same fashion of animation as GUM. Except in this case, I am not on a time limit, and i'm taking NO shortcuts and going 100% all out. I've been working on it since last september (on and off due to school, it would've been done by now if it wasn't for school), so there's been a lot of work into it. Mind you, i never want to spend this much time on a project again (unless it's much longer), but this was to challenge myself to see what I'm capable of and get people's attention that I am serious about this project.

And thanks to this new userpage, i'm able to communicate to this to people just like you directly via newgrounds.


ugh man


Yeah, I almost voted zero on something by mistake to. Looking forward to Project Freetown by the way, it sounds great from what you've told me.

I almost did too, until I went looking for the star rating and saw that they magically appeared when I hovered my mouse ove them.

And i'm looking forward to it too. I get closer every day, but it's still so far. I just can't wait to say, "I did this".

Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I really like the userpage thing, also.

I just realized, when you leave a comment on somebody's blog, the text is always moving while you are writing. Kind of makes me sick.

it only moves in firefox i think. it's definitely some kind of bug.

i lovers you

you too buddy

Glad to see that you've almost finished the first installment in your flash series. I have a feeling it's going to be a very successful series.

thank you i hope you are right :) thanks for sticking around and supporting me

stars? ... whoops

the only thing i don't quite like about this redesign is the text bobbing up and down. oh hum. can't wait for the new flash cartoon!

haha. the text bob. sometimes it happens to me, sometimes it doesn't. doesn't even matter what browser i have. anyway, thanks!

lol wtf?

get on up and DANCE

Rtil, I think you're the only SS member with a weekly user's choice award.

For that, you are awesome.

btw it's systek again ololoolllolloollolollololollolloooolo l

hey there budder!!!!!!!!!



Fuck yeah. Project Freetown looks kick ass man. I can't wait to see it.

Sweet. thanks :)

Can't wait for project freetown, it looks and sounds like it's going to be great. The best thing about your art and animations, is that it's creative. I like how your not just making random violent stick fights. (although, sometimes I see myself doing that XD)

sticks can be entertaining but the act gets pretty redundant over time. i don't think anything fresh will come from sticks ever again because of their crudely simplistic nature. glad you are enjoying my stuff.

Yeah man... super excited about the new one! (and project freetown in general) Also! Just checked out the art you put up on the backalleys, and let me just tell you sir, fantastic! Now I'm even more excited! The new stuff was soooo good. I especially liked the really long collection of pen/pencil scans. They were really nice. You have a great way of conveying the shape of the human body no matter which style your sketching or drawing in. Keep it up! (and other words of perpetual motivation and the like)

thank you. glad you enjoyed the sketches. i am a big fan of sketches myself, they show the true style of an artist.

FInnally another animator from seattle :D


wait a minute you're 7 yrs old??? you must be skilled in art i suppose...

lmao no i'm not 7. i did not post my age, and i guess the default is 7.

do u really hack into websites?

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