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come and chat!

Posted by rtil - October 3rd, 2008

a few days ago i set up an IRC chatroom for fun and hopefully to better communicate with people. i didn't think anyone would show up - but it's actually been really fun and lots of people stop by to chat.

come chat with us, and if you like it enough, get mIRC and idle with us throughout the days! trust me folks, half the fun of IRC is the idling. there is nothing on this earth more exciting.

anyway, if you already have an IRC client, the server is irc.rizon.net and the channel is #thebackalleys.

see you there!

p.s., here's the other character from the cartoon blvd-square and i are going to animate beginning of next year , the character was designed and painted by myself, just like the other .

come and chat!

Comments (24)

Woot first coment, and il think about it

gettin on

KICKASS. Wish I had more to say, but I think that single opening word describes how awesome this pic is!
Can't wait to see this when it gets done

thank you :)

Ohhh, colors! :D Very pretty!

Are you doing the animation with bitmaps or is this just a hi-res version?

it's hi-res. i don't have the patience to do that, i'd go insane!

You drew boobies you naughty boy!


wow comegirl can draw..

and it pretty obvious where your influences come from. she like rtil x10..
but her animations are jacked so it looks like you two will make a great team and compliment each other.

that's what we're hoping for :) we'll find out soon enough. she paints amazing backgrounds and characters, also her color choices are excellent.

omg boobs my newgrounder eyes

We need you in on the latest art contest...please.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/975221">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/9 75221</a>



pretty much haha

my gosh that drawing is so beatiful. im completely out of words. i don't know what to say. if you sold that painting i would buy it. by the way, do you live in seattle, oregon. cause if you do i live in portland oregon. sorry im just such a big fan. don't mean to be creepy. i wouldn't come visit you or anything cause i know that would be such a bother. just curious. REALLY CURIOUS!!!

i live close to seattle, but seattle is not in oregon, it's in washington.

Im to lazy to chat :C


at a rate of 0.22 posts per day, you will soon reach your goal of having 30,000 posts in 135,032 days.

only 370 more years to go! :D

awesome i can't wait to be 370

chat died when zekey and luis left.

it's not dead now (?)
also i doubt the real zekey was there although he has come once

I clicked on the link come and &quot;chat with us&quot;
then a page came up and I press cancel I think I have stuffed up java
i got this later on
Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission irc.rizon.net resolve)

sounds like your firewall/router is causing some trouble

checked the firwall it aint' doing a thing
usually I get a notice thingy on firefox asking if java can do such and such
I press cancel
how do I undo it?

try going to tools > java console and type "s" to dump settings and refresh the page. if that doesn't work it may be in your FF options
otherewise, you maay need to try in a different browser

lots of in depth convos go on there...

so deep

oh my god look at the boobs on that chick. &Ouml;

But seriously. Looking goooood!
Also, I'm on IRC right now.

Nice job!

thanks ! :)

I can ride my bike with no handle bars... no handle bars... no handle bars

Will you be doing this new Flash frame by frame or something with those kinds of paintings? MAN...that would be ridiculously awesome. It looks like it could rival some of Adams work if you did.

i wish i could but we just don't have the time for that. it will be frame by frame, and we will stay true to the pallete, but the characterse will be cel colored. although the background elements will be painted.

ok I am in
is it normal for people to get married online in the back alley?

happens all the time

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