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DDR (and animation) fans!

Posted by rtil - October 19th, 2008

a while ago i had an idea about taking one of my favorite songs, shortening it to DDR length, making my own steps to it and then making an animation to go with it. so i took Chromeo's Fancy Footwork Guns 'N Bombs Remix (link"), and made my own stepchart. i've had an idea for a cartoon for this song for a long time - and believe it or not it involves dancing . dancing and guns and girls and stoplights. something like that

so i have the two main characters for this thing already laid out, you can see them below. my idea for the cartoon is something that would be fun to watch standalone, and also make playing the stepchart more fun at the same time.

if you want to try my simfile here it is zipped. if you have stepmania you'll want to unzip it in a custom folder in your "songs" folder. let me know if you like the steps or not. i've also added a background, banner and those cool spinning CD images.

anyway, i'm pretty excited about this. it'll be a while until i can start the cartoon, but i just wanted to put the idea out there. and just in case anyone asks, yes i am working on freetown but don't expect it any time soon. school has me by the neck right now.

DDR (and animation) fans!

Comments (28)

Sounds like a good idea, thumbs up from me!


Cock joke.

thats a very nice style there. radically different from the universe of freetown, etc.

looks nice. but... didnt you use music from ddr in metropolis c?

yes. i use a lot of ddr music haha

You sir have made a fantastic song choice, Chromeo are great, and so is that remix. Im looking very much forward to it.

yeah i love chromeo , i want to make a bunch of cartoons out of their music

Fancy Footwork, eh? I'll look forward to that.

That looks pretty great and yeah, I kind of agree with childporn. I mean if your own fans tell you that I am cooler then it has to mean something, right.

yeah i mean that account doesn't look suspicious what

I like how big the guns are.

Sounds like a fantastic Idea.. Srsly.

I like the pic.

DDR? DDR Drop the Bomb extreme remix is good.

i doubt this is better than "B4U"

^ and thanks to those shitty CAD comics i read that title as a face now

they should call stepmania typemania

yeah lmao
i don't really like playing with my fingers, that's why i want a usb pad

^ zing!

[QUOTE]thats a very nice style there. radically different from the universe of freetown, etc.

looks nice. but... didnt you use music from ddr in metropolis c?[/QUOTE]
do you mean Metrotown in burnaby BC (If so, another player has been found lol)? and this sounds cool, I have almost everything StepMania so I can check this out.

Wow, nice idea you got there man.
I love the screenshot. Very stylish.

Also, Chromeo is awesome.

yes they are B)



I like how you can always bring something unique and original to the table.


Sounds like a great concept, hope to see you pull it off in style. Your musical preference is great, BTW.

heh thank you

Whoa, you play StepMania? And you made a simfile? Fuckin' sweet. Major props.

Downloading. I'll tell you what I think.

i play stepmania , yeah , but only to practice songs before i play them on a pad . i'm not patient enough to use the training mode in ddr so i memorize breaks , time changes and the hard parts of the steps in stepmania :P

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