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my favorite mindchamber quotes ^_^

Posted by rtil - October 26th, 2008

"Rtil is not the messiah of flash, or NG, he's a hypocrite that loves to put down anyone that is against his opinion, and he does this from the luxury of his mommies home, all toasty in his Digipen PJs. Kinda ironic for someone who has actually drawn Mario more times than anyone one of us in the office put together." -Mindchamber, professing his misplaced envy for me once more

Let's point out a few things here. I don't simply put people down who are against my opinion - I put them in their place. In fact just last week I had a bare-knuckle brawl with the lawyer team for Bowser's Kingdom. Let's just say they're at the dentist's office right now.

Secondly, I do not enjoy the luxuries of my mother's home, unlike our lucky friend Minchamber. I live in an apartment and I pay my own bills, mostly by selling original art and having a real job. What a novel idea!

Thirdly, I do not wear PJ's, and don't you forget it. I often walk around naked, or with plaid boxers. But never PJ's. In fact, I don't live within a one-mile radius of anyone who owns them. I forbid it. If I ever become president I will outlaw them. And I will also deport Mindchamber, and his PJ's.

And lastly - but most importantly - every time I draw Mario, I get a hefty check from the Mario lobby. I just can't turn the thing down. A guy's gotta live, y'know? If Mindchamber knew what was good for him, he'd switch from getting his rocks off to Madness and kindly direct his attention to the true king of Newgrounds.

"Im realizing that theres alot of fun that's just disappearing from NG." -Mindchamber, being ironic

Well Mindchamber, you're no fun! Seriously, whenever you troll my forums everyone gets a big fat frown. Kind of like the one on your big fat FACE. Dude, 0wned.

"Arent you the same person who labels every user on NG idiots and morons? and what gives YOU the right to do that? because you can draw? because you [sic] anime library is bigger than theirs? Pffft. hypocrite." -Mindchamber, being jealous of my anime collection

Let me make it clear to everyone here that the moment you sign up to this site, you unwillingly sign a binding contract with Satan himself that your life and your being now belongs to all things evil. It's in the ToS in really small font and same color as the background. If only I would have seen it before I had signed up here. Woe is me. But alas, I fight to this day, and that's what separates me from you, Mindchamber. I'm a Warrior. And I also have every volume of Sailor Moon. Including the Sailor Stars OVA. Suck it.

"Im [sic] too busy to search through all of rtil['s] posts in which he demeans the audience of newgrounds for their poor choices and lack of insight." -Mindchamber, pretending he is busy/important

Are you too busy to search through my posts? I mean, you are on the job, perusing my website. Such a tragedy - a poor young boy trapped in an adult man's greasy body. If only things like Halo and Limp Bizkit were around when you were 13 so you could have vented all this misplaced anger at a younger age. And oh yeah - Newgrounds, I demean you for your poor choices and lack of insight. Go watch Fantasia right now.

"haha I may not be a [sic] good an animator as you are, but I will always, always be way more honorable than you will ever be. I will make my decisions based on, creativity, technical skill, and effort. not on the fact they are whiny faggots in real life." -Mindchamber, juicing his ego

You see folks, honor is all about trolling. So get on it. It is your duty to go out in to the world and spread your righteous truth from which it comes. And don't forget to post a Madness day cartoon next year.

And I believe we met at Comic-con two years ago. And while I may have obtained a megaphone, and I may have climbed to the top of the Sci-Fi booth, and Imay have started an anti-Foamy rally, let's not be hasty. Whiny faggot in real life? We need to spend some more quality time together, Mindchamber. I am a civil man, and I've discussed very important business matters over many a filet mignon and a white wine. You know, things like Newgrounds.

"you're right rtil, completely right.

I have no idea what Im talking about." -Mindchamber, finally realizing he is wasting his time

Thank you for conceding to my superior intellect. It's great when two level-headed parties can come to a sound agreement.

Anyway folks, there's plenty more where that came from, but I'm beat. Come back next week when I dig through my inbox for embarassing celeb PM's!

my favorite mindchamber quotes ^_^

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This is a little weird for me. I didn't know popular animators could argue with each other...


That's great, so uh project freetown?

what's that

rtil and Mindchamber are totally snugglin' behind the scenes

Rtil vs Mindchamber in a battle of parodying each other to the death! Who will win? Probably Mindchamber, he'll get Wade to ban Rtil or something ¬_¬


Shuttap and draw sailormoonfag!

Hehe, seewatIdidthere?

which sailor star *o*

I assume at the next con they're going to set up a ring for your final battle? :P

i will vanquish him with my manpurse

talk about a battle of wits!!

ps: i think this is more attention than anybody has ever, ever given mindchamber.

-Dancing- in your boxors is also a trademark.

...AND the Sailor Stars? Damn.

i have a big fat frown on my face

thomas boon picken
was a paper boy
with the shortest rout in town

rtil, did you know im the jesus of quebec?

rtil and mindchamber

sittin' in a tree


First comes tweens
Then comes fbf

Then comes Zekey in a baby's carriage


remember kids, rtil died for joo sins..

what did mindchamber do for you?


I'd like to hear from sideshow Mel.

Oh no you di'int. -snaps fingers across face-

I'm curious.
What do you think of me and my work? You say stuff how it is and I respect that so I'm interested. This is assuming that I am worth an opinion. :P

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