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project freetown:metropolis circuit is out

Posted by rtil - September 7th, 2007

my latest flash is out, it's the intro to my new series, project freetown. i hope it will get those of you who don't know about it interested in the series, characters , style and setting. i have big plans for it. anyway, i hope you enjoy it, check it out if you haven't
click here

project freetown:metropolis circuit is out

Comments (80)

wrong link, lol
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/399107">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /399107</a> proper link

lmao wow bad mistake, i fixed it. thank you

Did you post the wrong link on purpose?

whoops no, sorry i fixed it

why isn't this on the frontpage, didn't tom have to submit it since it was over 10k? &gt;_&lt;

no, he just upped my limit

The score is really disappointing.

It's fun to watch, especially the perspectivey speediness. more neon please

rawr im a tank

haha neon yes

the score puts it currently at #1 of all time psi, but yes, it should be higher, that's a 'not gonna stay up there for long' score :(

hippo, the flash passed with 4.21, that's why I said the score was low, lmao.

heh, i see... well it's good that it's going up. probably will get a bunch of 5's on frontpage, right? ;)

you never know with newgrounds people

Dead fuckin' sexy, man.

Well worth the wait.

I still like 9-Volt and NoiseMachine as far as characters go, but if it'll be this fucking awesome next time, well worth it. I loved your intro and the menu. Almost as awesome as the movie.


Send me yo shit n***a.

i might try to incorporate those characters in the future. i'll get your thing done now that this cartoon is out of the way heh

where'd ya go
i miss you so
seems like it's been forever
since you've been goooooooooooooooooooone

you have a lovely voice

I'm impressed man, I'm impressed. I absolutely love the city scapes and your colour choice. Totally top notch. Just really good stuff.

Can't wait for the next installment. I love your world so far. Thamesis and this in one day? It's a good day for immersive universes.

Thamesis was pretty cool. It's like Broken Saints, but way more interesting. haha

There are not works to descrive how good was it made. Loved how well drawn it was.

thank you very much

score keeps going up! up to a 4.40 now! :DDDD

that's looking better ;)

yay cool

i hated that sound that the menu made so much.

Otherwise it was great. I'd hate to see it drop down in score.


hate is delicious

Wow. That was incredible. You make all our stuff look like crap.
The backgrounds and environments are what got me. Absolutely beautiful. Of course, the character animation was top notch as well.

thanks a lot. if you ever think your stuff looks like crap, check out the stuff at the bottom of my favorites list

so 1337..



Thank you sir.

RTIL, I really enjoyed this. This really makes me wanna see the series now!!

FINALLY an amazing artist on NG who doesnt have his head in his fucking ass.

thanks gavin :) are you gonna be making anything for dailytoons this season?

God damn, that was amazing. So professionally done! No wonder it took you so long, it's so epic and awesome! Well worth the wait

thanks buddy :)

Amazing flash. SO glad it's Daily Feature.

Hot damn, this is one of those Flashes that really makes me motivated. Makes me look at all the shit I make and yell FUCK, WHY CANT I MAKE THIS?!?! D:&lt;

Congrats RTIL, are you going to take a break from FLash? I could only imagine this took a toll on you. :P

nope, no breaks, i'm moving right on to the next freetown , amongst other things :)

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