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2008 Tank Awards - NOT what you think! Details inside.

Posted by rtil - March 6th, 2009

well folks, another year has passed and another epoch has been marked on the calendars of our e-hearts. i woke up this morning with a phone call from my agent . he usually doesn't call this early so i knew something was up. "sir, please open newgrounds this instant." i scramble out of bed and run 3 feet to my desk where i will spend the rest of my life. and there it was, a PM from the man himself - tom fulp.

"Congratulations, team of Metal Gear Funnies. You have all been selected as the winners of the 2008 Tank Awards!"

i won't go into much more detail as i'm sure the presses are already rolling - but let's put it this way. the video on the fp is, you guessed it, a prank. the real winners will be announced soon. and since you're dying to know what they are right now, i'll go ahead and spill the beans:

movie of the year: Metal Gear Funnies - doesn't get more epic than a 30+ user collaboration of some of the most classic laughs that will certainly be remembered for generations to come due to its relevance in society.

game of the year: Sneaky Snake's Adventure - learn how to type and have fun in this retro-style game with a unique physics engine designed specifically for exploding snakes.

musician of the year: redmongoose - with swingin' samples from the speakeasy's of the 1920's fused with fresh beats from the wired generation, there's nothing more diverse than the music of redmongoose.

user of the year: Shaun McGlinn - a man who changed an entire generation by making "look at my dick!" a household catchphrase from the high-rise condos of bustling cities down to the humble farm homes of the midwest.

here are two of the trophies from this year ready to be shipped out. congratulations, winners !

2008 Tank Awards - NOT what you think! Details inside.

Comments (75)

....d'hell's wrong with u


hhhholy fuck

yes indeed

saw it comin

Intriguing... I must investigate further!


D'hell's wrong with you (forgot the capital, my bad)

it's too late for apologies now.

i sense that picture has been shopped

i sense denial

Chucks new tux won.
Not metal gear funnies

read the post and get back to me noobie mcnooberson

Bla nótt yfir himininn
Bla nótt yfir mér
Horf-inn ut um gluggann
Minn með hendur
Faldar undir kinn
Hugsum daginn minn
Í dag og i gær

Bla nattfötin klæða mig i
Beint upp i rum
Breiði mjuku sængina
Loka augunum
Ég fel hausinn undir sæng

Starir a mig litill alfur
Hleypur að mér en hreyfist ekki
Ur stað - sjalfur

Opna augun
Stirurnar ur
Teygi mig og tel
Kominn aftur og alltalltilæ
Samt vantar eitthvað
(Eins og alla veggina)

That's how I feel about it

oh rtil, you instigator, you. :)

I get it. Ha ha. Jolly good.

oh fuck yes
i knew chuck's new tux winning a tank award was bullshit!

congrats to the REAL winners

yes. they deserved it for their hard work and dedication to NG.

One of your backalleys chumps already beat you to the punch with the picture and the joke.

Like i said before, still a nice photoshop.

actually we're not chumps, we were all a part of the collab and hence all got notified, so some of us are posting it. nice try though!

lol lie's:D

If only it were true. I hoped and wished and prayed for metal gear funnies. Chuck's new tux is an ok movie, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't top metal gear funnies.

Amazing photoshop, though.

don't worry man in a few days you will see the light and the real awards will be announced

is this satire or parody

I just can't tell anymore

it's real

lets all flood the front page with our own version of the tank awards and HILARIOUS photoshopped images

words cannot express your stupidity

i like this newspost this is a good newspost

it is a newspost full of truth


yeah! it is a good day!

metal gears funnies was garbage..... oh wait i get it now, haHA!

ok time to go rub one out...

one man's trash is another man's treasure my friend.

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