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timing in animation is everything

Posted by rtil - April 29th, 2009

and when you fail at timing
it sucks

bad source material can also be a hinderance

timing in animation is everything

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This is true. Timing is hard.

cyanide and penis

woah a flashing red arrow look at that shit

So you're saying that c&h is bad source material for timing? Why would you base your animations on someone else's idea in the first place? And even so, if you have wonderful timing in your cartoon (say it was a music video), what would be the point IF the drawings were horrible? Would it not make a difference if you worked on your art, instead of focusing entirely on timing? Also, when you fail at timing, what does it suck? Does it suck the time away that you wasted making the castoon? If so, wouldn't it be a paradox, since you were already focusing entirely on timing?!

read what you just wrote and tell me that makes any sense with a straight face

i wear my dad's dirty socks
i wear my dad's dirty socks

i'm a demon

People live in Wyoming?

i wouldn't call them people

Now now, let's not be a negative nancy.

there is nothing negative about the truth
embrace it

You're right.

Mormon central.

you speak the truth sir, but I'm not sure the big red arrow is called for.

it's big
it's red
it's in your face
get used to it

To be fair, the arrow disappears now and then. If you watch closely.

my god you're right

its a terrible thing envy

so is bad timing

kiss me, i'm a frog

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oh dohoho a flashing red arrow
this shows me the object in question

The big red arrow is so commanding. o.o.... Must... Resist........ Oh, it dissappeared. :3

I like it, though that doesn't mean I can't see where your opinion is coming from.

that blinking arrow reminds me of the Eat at Joes neon signs of vintage cartoons.

two links, hotcakes and a side 'o bacon for $4.99 only at joe's slop hut

A-A-A-Animation....it's...a-a-all...i n the timing....a-a-and in....the spacing...

Who cares if timing is wrong, as long as the overall product is great? It just fits the style. No need to bitch around here.

so if you go to a comedy film and don't laugh but the special effects were good

you're ok with that

I dont get it?......on the other hand big red arrow is big...and red

that's all you need to know

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