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please forgive your useless sister.

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super smash bros comedy smorgasbord!

Posted by rtil - May 7th, 2009

got a case of that whine flu going around? well quit mopin' cuz we have just what the doctor ordered and that's three inoculations of BRAWL FUNNIES! the wackiest, zaniest antics of all your favorite video game characters doing hilarious things animated by the pinnacle of NG talent - you can't miss hilarity of this pandemic level!

PART 3 (deluxe edition)


super smash bros comedy smorgasbord!

Comments (222)

you jew muthafucka

mario said that that's what he said

Fine I'll watch it.


Oh good, you're not dead yet. Who else would imitate your girlfriend's art if you were gone?

glad to see you're still obsessed with me OLD MAN

You're animation was quite spectacular...

But I really don't understand the whole purpose of all of this slew of animation/suggestive ideas about Rina and Kirb/and plain and painful idiocy of flash cartoons about Brawl.

Is it possible...that this is a stragety to ween people off the "Obsession" of Brawl taunts...and possibly allow Rina and Kirb to get some relief from the constant bickering of 13 year old who whine and complain about "Why isn't there a sequel" or some shit like that...

Truth be told...I never seen videogames being taken to such a high degree of obsession and persistence.

But what do I know....I just live on an Island practically isolated from the whole world. I could care less about Brawl and simply play for fun.

The jokes are okay for the first 2 parts...but the rest was an obvious statement that well..."Enough is Enough"...and I couldn't agree more.

You see these guys and their..."OBSESSION" to be the best at brawl...

But I prefer to live life by the Tao as best as I can...

"To attain more...is gained by attaining less"

-I don't need to be the best...
-I just play for fun

And you look...and see how healthier you're lifestyle is...

This is by far...the biggest statement about the decline of Videogames and the livelihood of human beings of video-games and reality.

Things will be praised simply by who submitted it.

And quite frankly...I have no idea why I just wrote all this crap.

But if you read this far...I appreciate you taking interest in my subconscious.

to be honest i only skimmed this comment and if i took a test on its content i would probably fail

wuts the nam o fda song u used in ur part pl pm me it

that would be linkin park's smash hit "breaking the habit"

Hard to avoid three bad parody-parodies in a row, spamming the portal.

newgrounds: serious business

it's pretty funny though you're like almost 30 years old and still scouting the portal like the fucking newgrounds police i mean you really need to get a life already

I watched all 3 parts. I laughed

that scene with tom crying broke my heart.

you can thank the f0dster for that gem

sir i do not understand why you would make fun of a terrible cartoon
here is a 5-page-essay explaining my thoughts which noone will read.

that really hit me where it counts

no not there

Haha, you bitter old man.

it's cuse of you! you made me loose my erection! *tears up*

*munches on some pocky*

That was a rad-tacular roller coaster ride, I tell you what.

and the best part is when you throw up after it's over

You know it, I know, they know it, and they who don't we love to laugh at, Those were all hilarious!

But the whole surprise Factor is gone man. So I loved it but it couldn't possibly be as epic as MGF was...

Good art work Rtil, your a G.

i'm not a g i'm an f

ummm wtf u lyer its nt brekin the habit wtfff

maybe u shouldnt get it off limewire ya noob

For the sack of no reason anticks I want to let you know that you are way funnier than Happy harry, but not quite as good at making flashy art/animation.

Opinion of a nobody there 4 yah.

that was deep man

You gettin a summer job?

I'm going to fire off cMenu tomorrow after I get a few friends to look at it to some potential employers looking for a flash developer.

i've got some freelance work starting next week

i didn't fully understand your 2nd sentence however

I gave good reviews but someone called me asshole:(

<Ry99an> whales are sad because they are fat

she makes a valid argument

The menu I've been working on.

We've got a big film screening at the campus bar tomorrow and I was involved in one of the films.

A bunch of classmates and teachers are gonna be there, so I was hoping to get some input from them. And I have two potential employers in the city I wanted to send the menu to as a cornerstone of my recent work.

oh sweet well good luck with that then it is a very nice menu

Cumulative GPA 3.45


now you're just getting creepy

It was! I felt like it was way important for you to know that you are just way funnier than him.

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