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he's done it again !

Posted by rtil - July 4th, 2009

it has come to my attention that a 13 year old brat trapped in a grown man's body has put me in his signature! of course, the original intention of his quote mining has been completely lost as mindchamber couldn't successfully defame a pile of rocks if he even tried, but it doesn't matter! i stand by my statement and i'm damn proud of what i said. in fact, here's a copy of the quote so you don't have to look at his 3rd grade english level posts.

"if you're working for newgrounds you're not doing anything worthwhile" - me!

also, 2 extra stupidity points have been awarded to MC for not even trimming the forwarding url. we already knew you vehemently lurk my forum (cat got your tongue?), but now you're searching popular newgrounds terms! tom, are you paying this hothead to do top secret newgrounds espionage work? i'm sorry, but no matter how hard you try, you can't put camo on a bloated mexican who still hasn't learned how to use the internet.

but enough about newgrounds staffers demonstrating how to fail in life on a daily basis, let's go over some important facts about thebackalleys:

1. thebackalleys is not just a forum, it's an elite warrior race of super powerful beings who will soon take over the world. and no, you are not invited!

2. when one person on thebackalleys doesn't like something, every other member by default doesn't like it as well. this is simple logic, folks. besides, how far could a stereotype about a website go without crude generalizations? am i right, all you mario hentai fans?

3. thebackalleys' #1 public enemy is newgrounds. we devote our lives to constantly dismantling and hacking the site, and it is all we talk about, ever. yes, we do have a bomb, and it is almost done. and the top secret X-2 bomber? let's just say we'll be getting funding from hentai dating sim ads - so you know we'll get it fast.

haven't we learned a lot? do you feel better? now, when you have an axe to grind, you can blame all your problems on me and thebackalleys - and you can learn from the best. next time we'll discuss how to have a class-A temper tantrum about stuff on the internet - with examples from some of newgrounds' most popular authors! bloated egos and superiority complexes go hand in hand, and they make for some serious entertainment! vote 5 folks!!!

he's done it again !


Oh Rtil...



My god you're unbearable, but I like your animations. >:(

trust me, i could be worse

hey tomamoto's in that picture
i wonder what hes lookin at up there in the sky

a wizard

great now but porn in all their folders.

Oh, so now we're going after mindchamber. I'd better go and tell the others!

yes, distribute the e-fax material immediately

Those poor men

at first i thought this was a strange news post. but now everything in my life makes sense. fuck u backalleys. stop hacking newgrounds!

there you go, you're on your way!

I better a see a picture of you hugging mindchamber, LIKE NAOI.

for our blind visitors

dont forget that thebackalleys is also a #1 site for child pornography!!

get it before it's DELETED


Give me more.

always and forever

What part of being a total turd is cool again?

a "total turd"? listen harry i know you're a people pleaser but don't feel obligated to sugar coat everything you say to me

and who said anything about being cool? B)

newgrounds is truly some srs fucking bsns.

and that's why we will be blowing it up

im kind of hungry for rice pilaf

would you be kind enough to make me some or

well that does sound great but i'm too lazy

A people pleaser? Please, no more low blows like that Rtil, that's really out of line.

Go make some animation already instead of doing this shit, you're quite good at it when you try.

you say that as if it has some sort of significance, like it's going to mean something to me

nobody died and made you jesus christ he died 2,000 years ago and revalations says nothing about newgrounds trust me

Yeah harry why not call him a neon anime drawing triple fudge packer who shoves rollerblades up his ass!

Its a lot more offensive than 'total turd'!

now see that hits me where i live

Three thing I want to ask you.
1. Why don't you use capital letters when you start a new sentence?
2. About the second rule: if one hates something then everybody else on the alleys will hate it too, but what if one hates thebackalleys, what would happen then?
3. If you hate NG so much, why do you come here.

But in all seriousness I had a good laugh at this post, I like your comedy mate ;)

i do not come bearing hate....i come bearing a message..........of pwn

I like pie. PIE FOR PRESIDENT!!! ... Why should we care about this btw?

Is this like, the only way you can become important at all? Or you know, try to...

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