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Posted by rtil - October 29th, 2009

i'm sure many of you attended or watched the live stream of last week's NEWGROUNDS RASSLIN' FRASSLIN' FREAKDOWN 2009 where the NG elite came to cage fight in the TweenDome in front of a crowd of 70,000 13 year-olds. and as you also may know it came down to me and mindchamber. we were neck and neck for this year's golden mario hat when he pulled an ILLEGAL MOVE in the heat of the 12th round, the infamous double-back knoxinator which nearly killed my hero Legendary Frog back in 2004 when he fought two-time heavyweight (and i mean heavyweight) champion Pikanjo.

and not only did the referee let this pass, allowing mindchamber to steal my place as this year's rightful champion, he left me with a mangled, broken right hand from - what would you know - THE KNOXINATOR. and now my livelyhood as an animator is shattered as i must re-learn everything i was able to do with my right hand, which i guess you can now refer to as jello pudding, because that's what it looks like.

but i will not let my greif stop at this completely self-serving pity card of a newspost. with my fortunes from my interactive flash game hentai empire, i have hired the nation's top team of lawyers to bring down mindchamber AND newgrounds with him for letting this fixed fight destroy the integrity of fighters everywhere and my career as a blossoming manga-ka.

remember MajinPicollo, creator of Skittlez 'n Bitz vs. Mars Inc., creator of Skittles? Well the only reason Majin won that case is because he had a stake in Rina Chan Gets Randy 3, which allowed him to cover the massive legal fees needed to take down "the man", and keep the Skittles name on his timeless sprite series.

and that's what you have coming to you, Tom Fulp. ironic, really, that the boatloads of revenue from the glorious animes I littered onto your flash portal will now enable me to take you and your corrupt empire down. there will be no holds barred. i will not back down. arbitration is not an option. i will see you in court. i can feel the chakra rising.


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lol, this is heart warming

you know what goes down in the ring, son. it's your own fault for not countering with the piclownjew punchback thrust

i play by the rules set by the founding fathers of tweenimation

rules that used to get a little RESPECT around these parts

This was only semi hilarious. I commend your effort, though.

there is nothing funny about this
and more importantly
nothing funny about you!

I forgive you...

But could you ever forgive me?



... you're not serious, are you? there was no such battle. and if it was an animation thing, then you couldn't have hurt you're hand.

basically i'm saying: poorly executed joke

you didn't see this? have you been under an e-rock the past e-week?

i think he's e-living in an e-hole

Is the Knoxinator a cheap move that can turn hands into clay?

even worse

blue clay

so what did you do with the pudding?

wrapped it in a cast and blessed it with my inuyasha charm

Hi. I am a lawyer. Contact me.

I'm a whore and I need some attention.

"when he fought two-time heavyweight (and i mean heavyweight) champion Pikanjo."


oh and all unique individuals type in lower case.

Mindchamber's a real dick. RIGHT???

needs moar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrteel comes a swingin.

Why in court, show them who's boss old stile, make a fight and bring ur purplegorillas!

sweet mother of my mother's mother!!!


Soooo... You're suing Newgrounds just because an artist made you lose in a Unexisting fight? That doesn't make any sense!

hey check your PPV listings it's gonna be on tonight $15 NG store credit

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