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our new cartoon at the IMAX!

Posted by rtil - November 29th, 2009

since february blvd-square and i have been working on a cartoon together called Lighthouse Girl. We are literally days away from completing it and we couldn't be happier - and to top it off it will premiere at the 2D or not 2D animation festival at Seattle's PacSci Eames IMAX theater december 5th!

If you're local, please come and celebrate the festival with us! The main event is the 1st American showing of Secret of Kells. This is waybefore it's coming to theaters and probably the only time you'll get to see it on an IMAX screen, too - much less our cartoon.

tickets are $20 for students - may seem pricey, but it gets you 9 hours of animation, and 100% of the funds go towards starting up a local animation studio.

chances are you're not from around here - in that case we'll be doing a LIVE video event for the online premiere of it sometime next month as well. If you're familiar with livestream that's where we'll be doing it and we'll also show it 3 times during the day for all the different timezones. we also hope to send it to other festivals around the country, so keep your eye out for that.

after that we'll be putting it on video sites like vimeo. we're gonna try to squeeze it into and SWF format, but because its final format is video, it's not going to be easy.

anyway, here's two spots/bumps i did for thebackalleys livestream channel, where we'll be premiering the cartoon online. the picture below is a screenshot from a final scene too.

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our new cartoon at the IMAX!

Comments (35)

The screenshots look really great. You should submit it to the Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart.

i will keep it in mind, thanks

Damn Imax man! Wish I could go. Anyways, can't wait to see the videos on the event... and good luck

thank you

I'm excited for you man. Looking forward to it. :)


Wish I lived in Seattle! As it is, I'll just have to wait.


Good luck on the screening, hope it turns out great!

thanks, me too!

I wish I had the motivation to do the stuff that you do....

Looks good

Aw yeah, this is hot.

That screenshot looks so amazing.

Congrats to the both of you! I can't wait to see this. <33

thank you from both of us

hmm...well thats really something.

i think have new found respect for you.


Ugh thats torture! Your new toon is gonna be in IMAX and i wont see it. :c

Dang, I can't wait to see Lighthouse Girl finally completed, I'm guessing it'll be your big break into professional animation, which I'm anxious to finally watch...


Why did my parents have to plan a family vacation that day?
I wanted to go see that.

Anyways, best of luck to ya and congrats!

thanks have fun on mars


hehehe cant wait

thats really cool. i'll be on the livestream for sure

Is that glint on the text on SPOT02?

it's a plugin called trapcode starglow. creates some really great effects for directional glows

Wow, IMAX at the Sci Center! I love being local.


I might be able to go actually.
What time does the event start/when are you showcasing your movie?

the event starts at 1:45PM. it will either be showing then or at the other short film showcase which i think starts at 5. i need to figure that out.

9 hours of animation holy shit thats like a whole day!!

Looks... Vibrant. I don't feel like driving down to Seattle from BC though...

yeah, going through the border is no fun

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