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you decide

Posted by rtil - November 3rd, 2007

hey everyone
hopefully some of you remember Anipedia, my animation encyclopedia project. If not, please read this first. Anyway, it's time for Anipedia to go into a new direction. And you get to vote on what comes next. I don't want to develop templates for a part of it no one is interested in, so you can help by picking your favorite choice here (the poll on the right).

flash-wise i have a cartoon i'm going to submit in a couple of days possibly, and i am working on the script for Project Freetown episode 2. Don't expect it for a long time, though. my school demands a lot of my time, so much that i only really have one day out of the week for myself. hopefully i can make some big jumps on it this christmas break. there's other cartoons i want to make as well , but i doubt i will get to them anytime soon.

sometimes i wish i didn't have to go to school and i could just animate all day. i wouldn't care if i was dirt poor, just as long as i had enough to get by to do what i love to do is all that would matter to me.

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Comments (12)

not bad i like it.

you're my favorite flash animator of all time hah

There's no business like show business, like no business I know =P

voted. i can't wait for the second project freetown installment! you have NO idea how much i like metropolis circuit!

im not used to having all this powerrrr.

you decide for me.

fine then 2 votes for me . animation history all the way

Don't worry, you'll graduate from school soon enough... AND you'll probably be dirt poor! Hurrah!



SCHOOL?!? How *FART* old are you?

i can tell school's taking a toll on you but im glad youve got the balls/the time to actually make anything

maybe i'll find the sort of motivation you have and be able to use it now

whatever the case, good luck in school

thanks i'll need it. i'm trying to set aside fridays to do my own thing, but it can only be one thing at a time. if i could freeze time and finish the next episode of freetown i would keep time frozen until it was done

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step out of the vehicle sir

hey U

the last paragraph is really inspiring, and true. I feel the same way. As long as your enjoying your life, got the people you need close to you and get to do something that you love... who gives a fuck about money?