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not posting here anymore

2011-01-12 04:16:45 by rtil

if you want to see my art go to http://rtil.deviantart.com


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2011-01-12 04:22:06



2011-01-12 05:35:21

What? Why?


2011-01-12 07:48:29

is it cause deviant art gives nothing but sappy positive comments?

rtil responds:

what other reason could there possibly be? every time i see a 0/10 with the scathing critique "this is gay and bad" i cry for at least fifteen minutes


2011-01-12 16:48:51

PLEASE rtil don't stop posting here. I've always loved your art, and most of all I love your flashes.

I can understand your reasons for newgrounds, and unlike the other retards who talk crap about things they don't understnad, you point out the flaws of this site with reason, and use good examples of artists that get ahead without doing much and I can whole heartedly agree. I enjoyed watching all your flashes, whether they are serious (metropolis circuit, gum) or satirical (Flash extravaganza, brawl/metal gear funnies, etc.).

I can say you have aLOT of talent and you will definitely go places. If your leaving newgrounds for reasons that are personal I can say I have mixed feelings. Part of me wants you here in newgrounds cause you are too talented to not be known. Since this is a popular site, you should have exposure and fame that you DESERVE. Part of me, however, thinks that your probably too talented for newgrounds and should strive for a MUCH better career than losing out to another flash that's about parodies of crap. Hell, there's like 2 or 3 pokemon shits that are on frontpage that are boring and shitty, but of course that's what makes up the majority of Newgrounds: Retards. And you let them know their flaws in good old fashion funny ways.

As for what Luis said above, I'd like to reply, and do NOT take offense Luis cause I respect you as an admin in this site but, ironically, if you look at the reviews that is made in flashes by rina-chan, egoraptor, alvin, etc., those are way more annoying and biased than what I see in deviant art. At the same time, the negative comments here are just "Oh its crap, stupid, gay, fag, oh your an artist I don't like so blam". At LEAST in deviant art they point out mistakes (of course not all the time but still moreso than what we usually see here).

Well back to the main topic. I don't make your choices. You make them and I will respect it. There's just very little artists now with any passion. You have that passion. So fuck any dumb asshole who tells you differently. They are just biased and too dim to understand your subtle remarks. If your still making flash but putting them up on other sites, Please let me know and I'll continue watching em.

Just want to know, what are you doing now with your talent? If you have a job or working for a good company I say good for you. Best of luck. Your fan of 6 years


2011-01-12 22:16:10

This is rich.


2011-01-13 12:05:37

oh no, how terrible... :|


2011-01-14 03:43:42



2011-01-15 02:14:41

what is the name of the soung used at begining of you cant kill me


2011-01-25 22:57:39

So what, you just gave up?!


2011-01-27 08:15:17

you will be missed by the good people.

so long


2011-01-27 16:14:16

Seruisly? Only becouse the comments sucks here?( I have never seen anything bad that you made... but) Your my favorite artist on NG!
Alright...I'll search your art on devaintart then.


2011-01-29 20:58:49

just go all the way and have your account deleted


2011-02-06 02:48:22

Dammit I rly miss u rtil..not tht anyone is going to read this LOL pls come bak if ur reading this.......


2011-02-08 23:09:42

good, one less smug douche on this site.


2011-02-09 21:56:29

Dude that sucks I liked your flashes and your art. Fuck the people who think you suck


2011-02-09 22:35:00

I looked at your art on deviantart and it all looks pretty good


2011-02-10 10:08:00

awe :(


2011-02-16 21:00:58

You can't leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're a an Animation God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't care about what idiots think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Besides, what about freetown?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-02-17 02:57:47



2011-02-24 21:06:35

damn, i really like your work, too. you're the first artist i liked enough to favorite when i first started coming to NG alot. DeviantArt is a great site and all, and the artist community there is really good, too, but i really don't see a reason to leave NG and limit the amount of exposure you get. that's just really bad business. it's like saying, i'm only going to advertise my work in one magazine or tv station. now, if the only reason you're leaving is because of haters who just badmouth other people's work, you can't let that get to you. sorry for the cliche, but seriously, haters gonna hate. but you are an awesome artist, and no foul-mouthed dipshit will take that away.


2011-03-08 22:34:04

This just ruined my day...

I always really enjoyed seeing your art. You like TF2, and robots, like me. And your art was lovely. Guess I'll see you around.


2011-03-12 00:32:47

I just heard someone was making a video of you with mirrors and you fapping, I can't wait.


2011-03-26 02:34:02

Will you ever make another Metropolis Circuit? You had a whole story and a big profile for just one submissian! will you at least make one more just one more?


2011-04-24 14:06:36

Enjoy drawing thick, baby legged girls. Maybe once you get a hold over that huge fucking ego of your's you'll come back?


2011-04-30 22:20:40

I think you're lying and should start posting here again and should learn to deal with and/or ignore haters.

Seriously. Get back here.


2011-05-07 03:59:06

Oh darn... so... who were you again?


2011-06-01 09:52:34

Newgrounds is whipping off Deviantart and other art sites with strong and trustable moderators plus good stalkers who always watch and tell on people who steals art.

NG will get stronger if they allow other genres of art and especially photography.


2011-06-01 09:55:58


Most DA artists who is new to NG complain the same shit. They can't stand low rating and 0-bomber. I think NG is really straight and truthful for people comments.

DA is like a sack of Utopia mess.


2011-08-23 23:04:57

brawl gonna give it to you


2011-08-23 23:05:20

sarcastic remark


2011-08-24 01:50:03

your art fucking sucks.

nah we good

no we're not


2011-10-06 15:28:46

lol k bye


2011-10-27 13:59:49

oh what, when did this happen. Shit, I'm hella slow.

Well... Didn't know you were such a pussy 0:


2011-10-28 00:03:43

Here is an idea, Why not just quit your life? It's not like you have any talent.
Your artwork is truly something to scoff at.


2011-11-15 22:27:34

And another great user has been chased away by the collective faggotry of this userbase.


2011-11-20 03:17:25

You know, at first, I just thought it was a few 'no-life' haters who caused rtil (and others I'm unaware of?) to leave. When I found out that some of the horrible reviews written were by some of Newgrounds famous (Egoraptor and Oney), I just couldn't believe it. They're totally up in their asses and I find more inspiration in some of the animations they reviewed as 'shitty' (basically) compared to their own 30-second shorts that get a good chuckle out of me.


2011-12-02 11:26:25

Haters gonna hate you.


2011-12-20 18:01:52

Your work is lovely, polished, and wonderfully layered. I hope DA is giving you what you need :)


2011-12-22 16:55:28

Why not? Your art is very good!


2012-01-02 01:37:28


Please come back.

Rarely do any artists stick to mind, but you did that so easily.

This having happened a year ago, all I can say is, what a loss to the NG community to not have you anymore. The collab you did with the almost invisible RTIL is gay marquee.....I hope that wasn't the last straw. I really thought it was just a joke that you took.


Please for the sake of us, come back? Your refined art was an integral part of our culture.


2012-01-15 07:38:33



2012-01-15 08:17:26

p.s years long ago while or dead


2012-03-03 13:34:10

I miss you man, you were pretty cool and I hate deviant art i'm sorry.


2012-03-03 13:34:12

I miss you man, you were pretty cool and I hate deviant art i'm sorry.


2012-03-21 18:09:36

Where'd you go...?


2012-04-11 03:22:37



2012-08-05 01:30:28

But I really like your art.... :(


2013-04-05 03:33:48

I gotta say, I love your art. Metropolis Circuit has stuck in my mind for years. I'm glad you're more comfortable at DA, but I will miss you on NG.
I approve of RicePirate's message.


2016-12-05 07:38:59

holy shit you were a cunt about others' criticism


2017-04-03 11:45:03

jeez you were always an asshole