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please forgive your useless sister.

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What a journey! I'm happy to see you've found success in your pursuit of art c:

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is a great game so I appreciate what you contributed!

glad you like it! i'm horrible at fighting games so i gave up on it quickly. but i was happy enough to be a part of its development.

Welcome back to newgrounds!
It makes me happy when someone who worked on big projects comes back to homebase.
Things have changed a bit around here, but hey it's still the same and more welcoming of a community!

it feels different but similar enough in the right ways

Do Pallid Fingers 3.

haha. no

Do Trix: Complete Breakfast 2


Do Metropolis Circuit 2

venmo $1 million and i'll do it

ma begerin :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Are people usually coming to you for their gigs, or are you just actively looking around? Glad to hear you're doing well!

when i was starting out i was putting myself out there every chance i had. nowadays i tend to work with the same people. networking definitely works.

in the OLDEN days... when that brawl funnies shit was going on, how come all the other animators hated you during that time?? like that whole "RTIL IS GAY" meme?? all the while you had the best part in the whole fucking thing in that sea of garbage lol

that's a funny story actually. so the guy organizing the collab couldn't publish the massive FLA file into a SWF because his computer wasn't powerful enough, even when we split it in to two parts. he asked mindchamber for help and he was able to do it, but he added "RTIL IS GAY" at 1% opacity over the entire thing as a joke. at the time i was not very nice to mindchamber so i deserved that. we had the SWF and all had a good laugh so it was submitted that way and the rest is history lmao.

@Spaderz @rtil That's awesome man! thanks for the response, i can see people having a slight beef with mindchamber, the guy seemed to have a small ego, even though he did make that cool pico day animation, although that small part you had in that collab was BETTER then anything he can ever make lmao, my favorite bits were how cool captain falcon looked and the car driving down the road, some impressive stuff from back in the day! hope all is well and keep on truckin man, your artwork is very nice!

those collabs were fun times. back then i was still a student, and had more free time than i could have possibly known. so i could put a lot of effort into goofy stuff like that. in some ways i took that for granted, now that i am an adult with bills and all that, all my flash cartoons have been collecting dust. but i'm still animating, but for stuff that lasts 5 seconds longer than 5 minutes - but that's ok with me because they're usually part of something much bigger and better i could never make on my own. which is what was cool about flash collabs too of course.

@rtil heheh right on man, i've been apart of ALOT of collaborations myself and while they were IMMENSELY fun, the only problem was the toxic community, but aside from that, animation wise it was a blast, the freetime thing is a serious understatement too, fuckin hate taking that for granted, seriously, it's a blessing indisguise lol but yeah totally man, short animations here n there are great fun to mess around with, i used to make a SHIT TON of fuckin tests but ultimately threw em all out cause they were fuckin trash, but the collabs served as GREAT showcases of your abilities :) speaking of art too, would you happen to do commissions n such?

toxicity was one of the reasons i left NG back then but to be fair i was pretty toxic myself, it was a vicious cycle. maybe i'll throw some of my animations into a flash movie for old times sake , until i get around to actually finishing a proper cartoon someday.

i stopped taking commissions a while back outside of patreon because , well, time constraints. i found myself having to wait months just to get people's work to them and i hate making people wait that long for something. i keep telling myself someday i'll open them back up, but it never happens.

But does NG is toxic? I see np much toxic people. IMHO newgrounders are nice guys.

Happy for you buddy! Your artwork was always top notch so I'm not surprised you're doing well.

It's really good to have you back. Your a shining example of what the newgrounds community can foster.

Pretty amazing how far you've come, a net animator making some very notable accomplishments and growing as an artist. Funny it seems like is a whole new generation on here now that forgot how toxic this place used to be. Maybe there's some hope for a fresh start in some ways, I guess we'll see. I'd be lying if I said I don't feel a little jaded about the way this site has managed its content or treated its up and coming animators in the past. Also the festering resentful user base was annoying to deal with as well. But I guess having some kind of concept of a Newgrounds might be better than none. I'm overall mixed, but I'm glad to see your art is reaching more people on here.

Been wanting to pick up those few those lessons we left off for the past few months. Like you, I've just been busy with animation work for other people and personal things, but the practice you had me do and our chats were very fulfilling to me. Hopefully we can pick that up sometime soon when the planets align. Best to your health as well, everything in its own time.

honestly don't know where i'd be in life if newgrounds never existed, for better or worse. it was a creative outlet, even if it did turn me into a cynical madman.

as long as you're still busy with animation that's great! you're doing what you love and that's most important.

I'm still so happy that you're back after all this time tbh <3
I'm also happy that you learned from your past, judging from the comments lmao. We both pulled stunts back in the day that in hindsight were pretty tasteless imho.


That drawing is the best thing you've ever made. I think you can safely retire now knowing you put it into the world.

Yay, RTIL is back! Welcome!

wow found you on newgrounds recently but so much of your work has been apart of my life. Really great to read and see everything you have worked on through the years.


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