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Just the the Dummy book.

nobody the's dummy books anymore this is the wave of the future get with it

How does it run performance wise? I'm always hesitant to get newer adobe products.. they always manage to slug it up more and more with each version... atleast the panels have a fancier skin i supposeeeeee.....

How do you like it from a non beginner's standpoint? its one thing to cater to a new audience and to inspire new animators .. but what about seasoned vets in the animation scene... that being said, is it worth the upgrade? (ASSUMING I AM PAYING FOR IT MIND YOU.)

well it is bulkier as expected. i don't think software has ever upgraded without demanding some more resources from a machine. but it has better memory management if it's worth anything.

i'd say for a beginner CS4 is rather intimidating, unless you run through tutorials. however, adobe's help files are all online now, as opposed to coming with the software. and it's a little bit more complicated. but from the standpoint of someone who has been using flash for years, i find it rather exciting. however everyone else i've talked to seems to hate it.

Like Luis said, that's why I am afraid to upgrade.
I don't want bulkier software for upgrades that aren't worth it.

Any upgrades on the drawing tools?

there's a "deco" and "spraypraint" tool, but i would say that the brush tool has not changed. i'm not sure what more you could ask for in a vector brush than a 1-100 gauge for smoothness

I really need to get my hands on CS4. I'm assuming Bones is the term of the new rigging system for the paper-doll type of character animation? That specifically I'd like to see in action and see how it works. Anipedia looks like it could go places with the right additions so I'm definitely up for supporting it.

Also, it's not gonna be coming out anytime this century, I can tell ya that right now. That segment was still glorious though.

lmao is it really that far behind

anyway, yes you could do that with bones. the whole idea of keeping groups of symbols together in a kinematic system. i've tried it and it works very well

wanna *verb* her *noun*

I'm sure certain companies'll be all over that shit in the wrong ways as usual, but hopefully it'll be put to good use somewhere since it's become such common practice. Good LORD it's expensive though, ugh.

Yeah I finished the intro for it forever ago, none of the "meat" of the thing's been completed yet last 30 times I checked. I Hope you guys won't be bored with the concept by the time the real thing's put out because I wanna see the whole thing compiled XD

we'll just compile it and let it sit around until the time is right

and yeah it's expensive, but there's always those eternal free trials...

this newspost should be re-titled "the desires of kirbopher"

the politics of cambo

cs4 is quite bulky...and I guess I can forget about keeping certain palettes on my cintiq, they're just getting in the way now.

..i guess I'll figure something out.

the only thing that gets in the way for me is the easing/tween properties window. a dual monitor is the only solution i can think of. it works amazingly well in busy software like maya and avid, i think it does the same for flash. unfortunate, but true. someday, when display technology advances, i'm sure it will be easier for artists and animators to manage stage space and panels

I downloaded the trial of CS4 and played around with some of the tools, but I just couldn't get around the interface. I'm so used to CS3, and it just looks nicer. I use a single 22in, and with just that, my screen just seemed cluttered. That's really the only reason that turned me away from it.

I plan on eventually using two monitors. I'm sure my opinion would change if I used one monitor for drawing/ animating (if you can call it that) and one for tools and other things.

i like to keep my panels tucked away on the right side, and expand them when i need be. the default layout is too cluttered indeed.

Cool keyboard thing for Anipedia. Too bad I don't use Flash or I'd help out! I guess I can help wirte some stuff about DeviantART and any animators I'm familiar with.

the communities section is seriously lacking, that would be great!

Yeah there isn't really anywhere for a total begginer to jump into Flash right now. I'm in the middle of a Flash project at college, the tutors suggest everyone read up on Flashkit.com, Actionscript.org, Kirupa an all that business, but most of those are either a few years out of date or a jumbled mess of user content :/

Saying that, I've got a shedload of production notes written up on Objects, tweening, interactivity, vectors n all that shite. I'd add everything, but I work in Flash 8 and I don't want to fill in pages that'll just confuse the newcomers.

i haven't been to actionscript.org or kirupa, but my god flashkit is certainly beginning to show it's age, i agree.

if you still feel inclined to write, you could make flash 8-specific articles. some of my friends still use 8 as well.

dat pictur
dat pictur makes me

The jump to CS3 made me think that the newest Adobe products are more geared towards teams of animators/coders. Is that the same case with CS4?

I've worked with CS3 for months, and found that working in the older programs, especially using Actionscript 2, is just that much better if you're independent. I've been debating if purchasing CS4 products would be worth it.

i've never gotten that feeling. it would depend on the size of the actual cartoon/game you're working on. a lot of animators simply refuse to learn AS3, myself included. but i've never been unsatisfied with newer versions of flash.


I'll check it out.

CS4 feels slower than previous versions, especially when highlighting frames with lots of detail in them.

the new motion tweens are also weird for me, they act different than previous tweens but they keep the old motion tween under 'classic tween' in this version.

i haven't really dealt much with the new motion tween, bones or deco tool but the spraypaint tool is very useful as you can spray movie clips on the stage with anything from random sizes to random rotation. it helps if you want stuff like rain drops hitting a large area (see my pirate movie).

the 3d options (z-axis) are very useful as well when drawing perspective drawings like walls and whatnot. you could technically make 3d objects as well as long as you rotate lots of 2d planes of varying sizes and shapes to form pseudo 3d objects.

most tools deal with symbols so cs4 isn't necessarily going to enhance your frame by frame animation skills or anything

no feature could enhance frame-by-frame animation, unless they did something revolutionary with the onion skin, and personally i don't think it needs to be changed.

the new tweens are a little intimidating, but i like the new features they have added to them

holy cow you live in seattle!!!!

sure do

Horray! Someone actually goes over the program a little bit :]

I would make a tutorial, but I haven't used CS4 yet.

understandable, it pretty much just came out

I've recently made the upgrade. My last submission was actually just me testing out what cs4 was capable of. Albeit, i didn't use the bone tool (which is actually one of the coolest new features, i mean IK already programmed into flash!SWEET!) and i'm still getting used to the new tweening system, but i must say i absolutely love it.
It still has everything cs3 brought to the table, for those animators making the transition (like myself) which allows you to learn the new features on your own time. It is definitely a valuable weapon for any animator/programmer's arsenal.

ah :D finally a positive light on the new flash. all i keep hearing about is how much it sucks. be sure to try out the bones, they work very well.

whhheeen aaareee they gonna fix the soooounnndd ssyyynnccc

i always figured sound sync was an issue with computers that can't "keep up" , but it's been a while since i've had a syncing problem and i have a new machine now. i should try and re-create it and see if the issue still exists

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