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please forgive your useless sister.

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it looks amazing :'(

ws That ur sis to the right of U later in th evening??

no, that was one of my friends

Except me, ho-hum :[

glug glug glug



I like the backgrounds. They pretty :)
you should put it up on youtube after the live stream so people who miss it can watch it : D

i will put it on vimeo for sure but i'm kind of iffy about youtube. i'm sure someone will steal it and do it for me anyway

People would be a lot happier for you if you stopped talking down to them. Whether you appreciate it or not most of your fans came from this site.

i don't want people to feel happy for me. i've been perfectly content with allowing people to think i'm an asshole for the last, what, 4 years? what they think about me doesn't change a god damn thing.

and i've always acknowledged that if it wasn't for newgrounds my flash work would have never gotten anywhere. all i mean is that visiting this site isn't fun anymore, it's just depressing.

and that reminds me, if any of my "fans" are dumb enough to get angry at me "talking down to them", aka writing parody newsposts, i don't want to have anything to do with them. at least i don't treat them like people starving for scraps from my latest cartoon while shoving merchandise down their throats like half the users here who let the "fame" get to their head. that is talking down to people, and it's disgusting and pathetic.

cool, i go to run now !

lmao does that mean your '6 flashes a year' thing is finally gonna be broken

looking good can't fuckin wait. i've got sunday off so i'll def. be checking this out

i suppose i'll have to submit some spam i spent 5 minutes on and then call it a flash

Please just leave already, if you hate it this much. I dont really see why you would stay, all you ever are doing is talking negative about this site and talking down to people, complaining about the state of the site, or how dumb it is. Either its because you feel like you are being a rebel/badass or indie for saying this site is dumb, or maybe its because you are slightly retarded perhaps?

Just leave already, your douchebaggery will not be mourned.

there's nothing wrong with having a "thing" for mario, zoed. it's ok! you can tell us!

Mario's not in it? Thanks for letting me know, not gunna watch now.

I genuinely really wanted to see this until you reminded everyone how much of a childish dick you are.
now that's all I'll be able to think about if I do watch it on Sunday


Damn, we've just gone full-corporate now. I don't know why you post here either.

still waiting for the day i can blackmail you with that picture of you fake jacking yourself off


Why even put it on THE INTERNET when the only thing anyone cares about there is video games and porn? Why make a film at all when fuckin Transformers 2 and Spider-Man 3 sell like gangbusters n break records like nobody's business while you have to GIVE your shit away for free in a live stream to get anyone to watch it. dumb stuff is popular; EVERYONE has that problem, it's not just you. There's some faggot kid on youtube what does a stupid voice and he's got like 38 million views on each of about a dozen videos. He kicks the shit out of anythin that can ever be on Newgrounds, and we all just deal with it.
You're not an elitist prick, or a pretentious artfag or whatever charicature you're aimin for, to me you're a mopey fucking sadsack kid. I want to like you, but every time I start to, you start fucking whinging again. Next time someone on the internet doesn't like you, for your own sake, just grow a pair and roll with it.

By which I mean put this animation on here whether anyone likes it or not, and stop being such a fuckin girlpants.

i don't want you to like me. in fact, continue disliking me, please. you are so gay and idiotic that you liking me would surely make me uncomfortable and frowny. so spare me the displeasure and continue with the tirades i don't read.

I thought you said you couldn't win awards? Or was that cash awards?

i thought so, too. but i guess the board that voted on the awards made the decisions this year, so i wasn't nulled from it.

no mario? what a piece of shit. lulz:3

Ryan the internet legend is a girlpants.

Regardless of your opinions of the site now, at least you can appreciate the fact that without this site, you probably wouldn't have most of the followers you do today.

i've known that for quite some time, and even though i don't make anything with the intention of getting fans, i do give credit to newgrounds for it.

tom fulp started a website that gets billions of hits and gets on tv. why does he even post here anymore!??!

flawless logic there champ

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