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Hot damn, I never looked into tweening that much.
That site is going to be very useful for me, thanks a ton.

there's not enough content on it right now to be very useful, but the more that is written the more that will change

Wow. I never thought I'd learn something new about Motion Tweening. It's this sort of thing that the flash community desperately needs. I think this is a wonderful idea and I fully support it. One thing I do hope is included in the future of Anipedia is a section for the more advanced animators, who have mastered all of the basics of flash but have little clue on how to impliment them effectively. I had to learn the hard way that I shouldn't try to go into a great detail with my figures before animating them. For example, I made the mistake of lip syncing my characters before thinking of where they should be positioned on screen and what gesters they should be making. I would really like see to tips on how to effectively plan for large project such as storyboards or screenplay, advice on in what order to animate, and lessons on how to avoid tedious mistakes as mentioned above from skillful animators like yourself.

once we get the backbone of things covered, i'd love to move into more advanced tutorials for those looking to get to the next level

I bookmarked the tutorial wiki site, it looks great and I'd personally use it as a resource when I need it.

awesome. hope to see you there

I love the painting. Actually. Love it. Especially the emotions and character art. Can't wait to see Project Freetown 2!

thank you , and .. thank you. B)


Hey it's me the internet spook here to give you a SCARE!!

pretty thurough tutorial.. it almost felt TOO thurough if that makes any sense.. the graph and advanced easing of tweens feels like more advanced concepts to plunge someone just learning to crawl into. I almost feel like that aspect of tweening should be a tutorial in itself for people who are well versed in tweening but maybe are seeking more advanced handling of their knowledge..

i say that because i rarely use the graph :-X

but yeah nice job tackling that, you did a good job really covering it all.

they don't have to read the graph part if they don't want to.

oh yeah its awesome that you are interested in helping people become better animators. wish there were more animators like that in the scene.

it is kind of fun people should try it!

That tween one was pretty swell in depth, I actually learned a few things from it.

sweet :D


Neat, can't wait to contribute to the tutorial sector of the site. I'd probably do one on say Motion guide soon.

look forward to it :)

Hm... it's ironic that you write a tweening tuturial...
The tweening enemy #1 (yes, I already saw "Tween") explains noobs how to create a motion tween so they can annoy him with even more of their completely overrated Mario fart joke sprite flashes, he dosen't like at all...

Anyway: Nice work! That should help every bloody beginner to get along with the basics of flash easily, even if he would be a total computer newbie... also everyone of us started as a noob...

Also, nice artwork!

um, i use tweens, everyone does. it's how you use them that makes the difference. and i had to start somewhere. at the bottom there are links to pages like "tweening vs frame-by-frame", where we'll eventually explain the advantage of mixing both into cartoons.

Anipedia definately has a LOT of potential. But just like any other online Encyclopedia, it requires lots of knowledgeable and dedicated people and a strict team of moderators.

It seems helpful, but there are some articles that are along the lines of "This guy is cool, he made this awesome flash. And he hates furries, lololololol."

I'm hoping it takes off, it's VERY comprehensive.

the "create a page about yourself" thing ended up turning into a joke like you said, a lot of people didn't feel like they had anything worth talking about. so i asked them what they'd be interested in and they said making tutorials, so i built that section for them. hopefully it will take off now , and people can use it as a resource. we do need a lot more writers at the moment.

''pretty thurough tutorial.. it almost felt TOO thurough if that makes any sense.. the graph and advanced easing of tweens feels like more advanced concepts to plunge someone just learning to crawl into.''

I disagree with this. I have to say the tween tutorial was PERFECT, the layout made it suitable for everyone, I've been able to tween for 2 years and even I learnt something. Seriously if all the tutorials are like that with the basics and then the little extras for more advanced animators, Anipedia will likely become the best animating resourse on the web.

thank you very much :) glad you learned something. and i hope it does become the resource that you say it will be

soon youll be outta school and animatin for a living.

cant wair for freetown 2, and ill start being more active on anipedia now were doing tutorials



youre a stupider animator if you are going to go out of your way to only rely on frame-by-frame for all your animations...

it drives me crazy when people diss tweening.

this is in reply to someones post a few lines above. My button has been pushed.

now kiss and make up

dude your posts are to long

i'd hate to have the word "butt" stuck in my username

great art as always :)

i got 2 questions for you

1. about project freetown (which looks mighty sweet) is there a good vs. evil kind of struggle in there? (not that i am trying to make your idea sound clishé)

2. anipedia might be the next biggest thing since wikipedia :D i dont check it often but will there be a complete yet simple guide to actionscripting in the future?

please respond :) just so you know i've added you on my watch list on DA :D

1. there is good and bad in the story , it will become more apparent in the 2nd episode.
2. first it has to be bigger than flashwiki, which as far as i know has completely died, but still has over 500 articles. i'd like there to be a complete guide to actionscript there in the future, but i sure as hell am not writing it. i don't know enough about actionscript heh. hopefully i can get a good actionscripter to write those. i

nice work man, paintings awsome, and the tutorial is really easy to follow. Nicley done dude.


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