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I spent last weekend rethinking my life here on NG after watching Metal Gear Awesome 2. MGA is classic. Not because the jokes are so funny but because it's just plain old fun to quote. Then it stopped being funny with the awesome compilations...for me and my friends at least. When I heard MGA2 was coming out I was really excited but after viewing it, I was disappointed. I checked the reviews and every single one was a flat out ten. "LOL WHY DID I INVENT PISS LOL". I usually don't think that I'm "better" or "superior" because I don't find this funny but this time, I was truly heartbroken.

I've had an account on this site for a year and a half now and have released 5 flash movies. My first was a metal gear parody. I release an animation every 3 months. I put a tremendous amount of thought into the plot, characters, and setting of my stories. My first few flashes don't reflect this though. After watching MGA2, I almost literally gave up. Not that fame is important but I could be making flashes of this quality every month or so and people would know me. I thought that maybe this is what I should be doing. I shouldn't be trying to create a story...just random events. That's what people want.

You came to my mind actually rtil. In the past I used to dislike you. You're immensely talented but I always thought of you somewhat as a jerk. I take that back right now. You were right about LegendaryFrog as you're right about egoraptor right now. I think they're both very nice guys but this just isn't right.

Why does something like Disk Extermination not win a monthly prize but Gamer Tonight does. Awesome Compilation which is released conveniently every month also wins automatically even though egoraptor got paid by mtv to make them in the first place. My friend reviewed Awesomefield and told the creator "I'm sorry I just don't find this funny whatsoever". The author replied "Suck my nutsack".

I don't do enough fbf. I could improve in flash a load if I did it. When I watched MGA2, I almost decided to not pursue learning this method of animation and just concentrate on short quick gags. FUCK THAT. I don't care if it takes me another hundred years to released a flash. I don't care if you've already forgotten my name while reading this. I'm going to learn how to get better at flash and I'm going to learn how to tell stories better.

It's all just a circle anyway. If 13 year olds are the culture of Newgrounds then people like you and me are the counter culture. Since there is no such thing as counter culture, just reinforcement of culture, we're necessary to contrast what is already there. In other words, there will always be juggernauts and there will always be people who go agaisnt it. Egoraptor will be forgotten like LF and whoever came before him.

I'm off and once again I'm sorry I ever thought you were a jerk.

Well then more power to you, and i hope to see a cartoon from you someday, i will watch it.

A lot of people think I'm a jerk because i'm outspoken on things like this. I'm actually really nice to people and I love to help fellow animators. But issues like these are very important to me and I use egoraptor as an example because he is the perfect example, plus it has clearly gotten people's attention.

But I also believe there are a lot of people like you out there ready to unleash your ideas to the world. I think a lot of them give up partway, though. I hope you do not.

Wow, ImpendingRiot needs to stop sucking egoraptor's cock.

I found them quite entertaining, although a lot of what you said is true it's still nice to see some unpretentious and bad looking flash (even if intentional, even though that seems to be the only time it's decent). It somehow gives people a notion of that if they're funny and good at other things (music, voice acting, photoshop etc) then that'll allow them to compensate for their "lacking" flash skills.

I'm not sucking his cock, I just don't find it particularly fair to take a jab at someone by trying to look like a hero of the community.

I'm not denying Rtil that he is talented, 'gum' is one of my favorite animated shorts, but I think this whole blog post is ridiculous and unneeded. Anyone with half a brain on Newgrounds can regonize there always was and always will be fads, and yet magically the good stuff always makes its way past them. I don't know why it's doomsday all of a sudden.

There will always be sticks, madness, video game tributes, and yes, rare gems.

Welcome to Newgrounds, get over it.

it's not something to just 'get over', you're not seeing the bigger picture.


I made Awesome Evolved already. That kid is a cunt.

I feel like I've read this before. But I have :)
From you, notorious, myself, and like 100 other people

Its odd how things really dont change
but you know what else is odd?
giant sea spiders living under antarctica

Meh. Obviously a user-driven site will be controlled by whatever group migrates toward it. We have a bunch of twelve-year-olds, therefore the content they like is catapulted into fame.

Tom usually does a great job of showing off interesting flash pieces, so it's not like something great will be ignored. It will still get thousands of views, which is better than any other user-submitted-content site out there.

I think that he does find a lot of good stuff to put on the front page, but it goes away too quickly and is usually put on the bottom.

Perhaps then you would prefer Newgrounds became an elitist site where only flash submissions judged by a board of elite flash animators decided what was "allowed" to be viewed or deemed "worthy" of viewing. I thought the motto of Newgrounds was "Everything, By Everyone". Yes alot of that is crap. Yes alot of that has boobs. Yes, great submissions appear occasionally. But to equate one animators success to the downfall of animation is sad.

It actually comes off as bitterness.

I was using him as an example. Also, don't put words in my mouth. Thanks.

I really do feel bad for you guys. You are immensely talented, seriously...when I saw Metropolis circuit I was in awe. Seriously? Someone made this? You basically made me question if Adam Philips was the artist that blows me away the most. I know a lot of hard work goes into that.

Then we look at Ego. He's obviously a pretty cool, someone that is probably fun to hang out, naturally funny. He's a voice actor, so he makes it all about his comedy and voices. He's a much better artist/animator than anyone even knows because he doesn't need to give all that to newgrounds. But he should. If he did all that you do, plus all that he does now, he'd be even more impressive. I can't say I agree with you entirely...I thought it got a little out of hand when other people made Awesome movies too, and he had already made the awesome comps prior to releasing them, yet he still got rewards for re-releasing something on a different site.

That sucked for the hard-working flash animators. But at the same time, I do enjoy his movies. I really like the jokes, and I'd love something completely original but we all enjoy to quote jokes about our favorite video games. Metal Gear Awesome was the best.

I thought it was enjoyable, but I don't think Egocaptured should've received Daily Feature, sorry guys, it was cool, but really, it basically just a fun skit.

I'm actually really not sure where I stand on this. I enjoy his stuff, but it's definitely blown out of anything anyone ever expected though...

Just don't think that you have to win or be on the front page, you just have to do what he's doing which is submitting for fun. If fun is working hard on something as beautiful as Metropolis Circuit, then that's great! But if fun is doodly comedy cartoons, that's great too. Newgrounds is for fun, it's not about the awards. Just know that you are really talented and people truly love your stuff.

I'm not in this for newgrounds awards or whatever, that's not really important and has nothing to do with what i was talking about.

lol jeez,, it's just what alot of people like ,, and as an animator it comes down to this :
have fun in making it,
lots of fans,
maybe earn money out of it.
well that worked pretty good with the "Awesome " series and he has the rights to make it.
He has the humor, u have the skills.
Leave each other alone or work eachother to get a super-quality-toomanyjokes-funny-cart oon.

P.S. : can't wait till i read Egoraptor's post:P

I think that may have been a over the edge obserbation. Not really, actually.
You are right, but it's not the cursing, or the ovious things that make that series good. It's some good humor, and nice animation, not too flashy or anything like that.

I don't think newgrounds will turn into what you predict. Sure that there are a sometiems massive amounts of spam flash, like those stupid stalin, hitler, what ever pokemon videos which you might have seen. Also the frivolous kitty krew flash.

Newgrounds will always stay as a domain for rising flash artists to show their imagination, wheter it be music videos, nice stories, or just what your imagination congers up.

I don't think you have much to worry about, I trust the blammers out there to keep everythign in line, and the good ol' newgrounds crew to keep things in order.

Even the replies are TL;DR!
Im gonna go take my short attention span elsewhere. KTHXBAI!

have fun at 4chan

rtil responds:

"If you think this is some kind of popularity contest, get lost."

Thats the thing, I realize Newgrounds isn't a popularity contest. But um...isn't your post about Egoraptor's popularity? Maybe you should leave :(

It appears you didn't read a large portion of the news post.

Well you do have a good point, but the reason that the Awesome series does so good is that it brings it's own style to saying funny things noticed in video games. One of the main reasons the series is so well known is in the amount of content Egoraptor has placed on the site and all the tributes to it. The reason why so many people copy the Awesome series and other series like madness is because people can actually replicate the some style and look of the series. There are plenty of other great flash artist that everyone would love to copy or tribute too but most of the users don't have nearly enough skill and time to make decent parodies or copy's of that series resulting in there being less of that series. If anyone else could have made a good bracken wood animation or something that The-Swain makes and have the same style, look, and comedy then those series would be as big as the Awesome series, but most average animators can't copy the detail, feel, and look of these. So when they come out there amazing to watch, but there is only so much a great animator can make by themselves. This means there work only is put on the site once and a while which means they don't get the press like consistent reappearing series like madness and Awesome. So I get what your saying and yes some of the animations are sometimes given better scores then they should get, but I see the Awesome series as a series that is constantly being put out there that you have to recognize the positive impact that has resulted. Yes the site is too awesome orientated, but Egoraptor has contribute a lot, so let him have the spot light for a while, because right now the site is recognizing Egoraptor and giving him the credit he deserves, but it will fade in time. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I do not see any positive impact the awesome series has had on the newgrounds community.

Let's see here.

You're saying the only reasons the Awesome series is in the Top 50 are that it features video game characters and occasionally women, which instantly means no effort was put into any of it. The lack of effort from things similar to the Awesome series will take over the Internet.


not really but ok

People tend to like recognizable content, and for Newgrounds users, that means video game parodies. The unfortunate part about being an open-submission web site is you mostly get stuff from the youthful majority, which tends to be less-than-tasteful. In general, it's something you just have to live with. Anything short of admin declarations isn't gonna sway anyone, and that would be a bad business move on their part.

*On another note, I completely agree with every single word that ImpendingRiot said.

nice to know you're thinking for yourself.

I understand your post; it's certainly a valid point. However, I don't think anyone's ever going to be able to incite creativity in the masses. On Newgrounds, it's "Everything by Everyone", not "Amazing stuff by Innovators".

Regarding the bigger picture and the animation industry as a whole, what solutions are there to the decrease in creativity?

If you don't think there's a way to incite creativity to a large group of people, then why are you asking for solutions?

I think the 'problem' you see with this situation isn't really a problem at all.

Before Egoraptor, people were saying these same things about IllWillPress... before that it was legendaryfrog.... way back it was thec clock crew and stuff like xiaoxiao....

What happens is these franchises attract the younger viewers... and the younger viewers have all the free time, and crave that e-attention you can only get by spamming community websites.

The result is, it looks like the site is full of nothing but 13 year olds who only like egoraptor movies and nobody else is getting any love.

The fact is, the average 20-30 something audience that makes up the bulk of the newgrounds audience are watching a wide variety of movies, and enjoying them all for what they are. Many of hese users don't care about what some e-community thinks... they are a bit more mature and realize nobody really cares what they have to say, and writing reviews for everything simply takes time that could be spent watching another movie, and they certainly aren't gping to hit their favorite movie EVERY DAY to give it a 5.

Your rank on the Newgrounds Portal is FAR from the end-all-be-all of how the world preceives your work.

In a few years, those teens that you hate now, will be the more mature users who actually DO vote on stuff with more substance. Sure they like cheap humor movies now... but they outgrew pokemon, and they will outgrow this too.

And some other user will be getting attention from all the NEW kiddies and someone will cry a river about how THAT artist is killing the entire animation industry....

This is not about ranks on the portal. Just making an observation.

I saw people throwing your name around and was wondering what was up.
I saw this.

Old news. Nice that you care though.

I'm aware it's old news, but i'm bringing it to the attention of people who don't know that it's old news.

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