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deviantart permabanned me for this

Posted by rtil - June 2nd, 2022


yes, with the pixelization and everything. the original had been deleted for 'sexualization of an underage character' so i re-submitted it to be safe for their Christian Website. unfortunately, since she isn't inflated, being tickled, doesn't have dirty feet in front of the camera, isn't being vored, and isn't wearing a diaper, they had had enough of me.

i was later informed that if i had removed her scarf and skull hairpiece, that would've been ok. nothing wrong with her body, just the clothes she was wearing, because she wore those when she was 14.

anyway, i just wanted to share that with you all so you can point and laugh at how stupid deviantart is. more like deviantfart, am i right?

honestly, it feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. i've been on that god forsaken site since 2004 and now i never have to go back there, because i can't! good riddance i guess.

and now, memes.








Congrats, you're gonna be on "Generic Anime Drama Channel #299237"

my 15 minutes of fame is finally here!!!

You're apparently not deviant enough for them.

huge ass and titties, pedophiles are known to love those. great job deviantart

holy shit it's a full grown woman watch out!

This is the most amusing thing I've seen today and it is raining hard out there. Thank you. But also... I am pretty sure those degenerates also have full on nudity of other characters and don't do shit with it. And the reasoning for it... AS IF she couldn't wear some old clothes like many characters in media do. COME ON. She isn't even real, I swear their priorities for money and website traffic confuse me. Either way, newgrounds remains based (though some artists have had to leave recently due to reporting by small groups of users). Thank you for the laugh, but also the nightmare fuel of Rei being about as inflated as the pockets of some furries.

they are either extremely lazy about enforcing their policies or they just don't give a shit and the wacky fetish stuff is what they wank to. in which case, ok fine, i don't give a shit, but leave my stuff alone.

haha. oh that takes me back. i do have a bigger planned response for this, but it'll be a little different.

The way you describe the weird shit deviantart will allow while banning *this* was a literary masterpiece. Advertising revenue has honestly ruined half the internet :[

they also want to charge people for the privilege of uploading adult art on their sorry excuse as an answer to patreon.

Deviant art is ok with other lewd stuff, but once there is a child involved, that’s when they draw the line

that aint the body of a child. however, you can find fetish art of children on deviantart - just look up teen titans, amphibia, loud house, mlp, etc etc, then pick some tag like weight gain, inflation, vore, diapers, tickling, etc etc. guarantee you you'll find plenty of wild shit.

Dude, people take this shit way too seriously. I'll always say who gives a fuck if it's clearly a drawing. There are child soldiers fighting wars, starving, and experiencing far worse brutality around the world. But God forbid someone draws Yoko Littner in her teen-age outfit.

yeah but what if a child soldier saw my drawing? they'd be scarred for life. deviantart admins fighting the REAL war out here in their mom's basement.

@rtil they will become insolvent by the end of the decade, god willing

@rtil I was thinking about that, how they just have child fetish art yet they draw the line for your art, unless their starting to track down and ban that type of art

Nah that shits fucked up
and doesn't make any sense

see folks even this spooky ghost agrees

You know, I didn't get it, but I saw where they were coming from right up until "Take the barrette and the scarf off and she'll be adult"

What a bunch of dorks.

i could have also made her 600lbs i bet

I know "maybe they're just jealous" sounds like cope, but in this situation I think someone with a banhammer got a little jealous of your art

the only thing i can say in their defense is i was being a cheeky cunt and kept re-submitting art they deleted trying to change things to fit their obtuse policies. they weren't amused. i was though!

I got hacked on that site, and the banner of my account literally said "HACKED BY THIS GROUP", and their tech support was just so corporatey, it's crazy! I ended up having to archive the account, and then it of course got banned... It's certainly a site that used to be so rad, but now sucks big time - sorry about your account, hope you had backup galleries!

i do have some fond memories of it... about 15 years ago. going there in recent times was basically tantamount to a chore.

and yeah, their support sucks. they're only helpful if you're giving them money.

There are WAY too many kink drawings on Deviant. I'd say you did a good not attempting to return there

I'm reminded that I'm glad I haven't used dA ever since Eclipse launched. Your memes brought up the memories of unfortunate journals where genuine children and teenager's voices aren't heard by dA staff, when they're harassed, stalked, etc by "mature adults". One "adult" even posted "poetry" on the site of how he wants to rape people until they bleed. I wouldn't be surprised if the dA hell hole still has him around.

Eclipse is a joke. they never updated any of the tools that could have made the site better for artists.

wasn't rei a child too..? why is she featured? fucked up moderation

cuz it makes their pp hard

"Is this a child" Uh, I get your point but technically she is

in the beginning of the series, yes, she is. so are many other characters. some stay children throughout all of a series' canon. Yoko does not. yet she's not allowed to be depicted wearing the clothes that she wears, the same clothes for a span of 7 years, while fetish art of characters who are children from beginning to end gets to stay on the site.

if i have to go, they all have to go, too.

It's pretty fucking stupid to be permanently banned for a shit reason like this, specially since the person who designed Yoko herself was clearly having too much fun designing what's supposed to be a 14 years old girl
And considering the shit they allow in their site, including fetish stuff, and even actual children characters in very unfortunate scenarios (look up Loud House on Deviantart) seeing that this is what crosses the line is very fucking laughable

Still, I hope this doesn't discourage you from uploading in general, I've been keeping up with your stuff ever since Brawl Funnies, and seeing how you evolved is genuinely incredible, even with horny aside, your art is legitimately pretty fucking good, and I specially like to see your art in flow, even if the animations are more rare to see

I hope you're doing ok with this whole situation.

oh i'm fine, i think it's hilarious really. i won't miss the site at all. i was going to die on that hill and i'd do it anywhere else i upload art. i don't support censorship.

I think one thing worth mentioning is Yoko wasn't actually 14, that's a mistranslation. The only source you can find that ever calls her 14 (as far as I could ever find) states that she's the same age as Simon, who is 14, however the phrase being used in Japanese can also mean of similar age to Simon, meaning based on her design shes probably about 16, still young and strange but nowehere near as bad as 14.

yeah they cited that interview as well. if only the director knew that one offhand comment would be used by powertripping mods in the west to justify censoring art

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