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thebackalleys is back! alleys!

Posted by rtil - October 6th, 2023

Back in 2005 (!) I started a forum called TheBackAlleys. From then until 2012-ish, I put a link to it on all my Flash cartoons, and the result of that spawned a demented sub-community of Newgrounders. Over those years we put together some collabs, chatted a lot amongst ourselves, spawned a lot of needless drama, and had a lot of fun.

Things settled down a bit after I went on my long Newgrounds hiatus, then Discord appeared, and everyone pretty much migrated there - but I kept the site up because I like to preserve all the history. In early 2020, my webhost complained about my forum hogging up too much memory or something, and by that point it was so out of date and broken that I simply decided to put it in maintenance mode, locking away all the threads and posts.

And it stayed that way until a few days ago when I randomly decided to take on the task of updating the forum software. Somehow, I was able to do it without the entire thing going up in flames. Sadly, it was so old that it forced me to ditch the theme I created for the site, so now it looks very "default" for lack of a better word. But all the memories, history and insanity is back for everyone to see - for better or worse. And, of course, you can post there!

I plan on (slowly) restoring it to its former glory, adding Ruffle/SWF support/BBcode, changing the layout, etc. I've always likened TheBackAlleys as a place for artists, animators, creators, and fans of them to hang out, share resources, etc. The site has worn many hats over the years, and I have no intention of abandoning it.

All that being said, whether you are new or old, you are more than welcome to join us once again at the humble, fucked up home we call TBA.





Already heard the news firsthand. As if my nostalgia fix wasn't already maxed out this year.
EDIT: Congrats on the 30K!

I remembah! I got me the pixeltool for Flash on there! ':D
It has served me well for many years, still does.

So many people got it from my site that there was a misunderstanding that I created it, which I very much did not. It was created by a French programmer, whose site is long gone - part of why I mirrored it to begin with.

Hell yeah, forums are back!

thanks for joining!

Very nice to see forum preservation. :D


I wish I had made real friends there. Sometimes I feel bad about it

I'm glad if you kept in touch with everybody. I sort of kept in touch with ant to this day but not a lot. Thanks for the memories