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congratulations winterwind-NS and ry99an!!!

Posted by rtil - October 17th, 2009

after much deliberation, the winner of the Lighthouse Music Contest is Winterwind-NS! he will be scoring me and jenna's cartoon and we're really excited to work with him. check out his music! we finally have a date for when it will first be shown - december 5th. where i can't say, but it will be local. later on we will be putting it online as well.

we want to thank everyone who submitted a piece and took part in the contest. it was not easy deciding and we enjoyed all your submissions.

also, congratulations to ry99an for winning the heroes vs villains contest after 3 intense rounds. she won a whopping $65 (redeemable anywhere in the world), and a free weekend pass to tweenland, my theme park dedicated to legendary frog, opening in 2050.

the next contest starts today and is already at $45. the theme? anything halloween! entries due halloween day, or whenever the topic is closed, which is usually at 4 in the morning. we take art, music, animation, whatever you got. we had just under 20 participants last contest - so if you make something good, chances are you'll get a shot at the top. GOOD LUCK

and have some boo chips

congratulations winterwind-NS and ry99an!!!

Comments (56)

Looking forward to it.

Yeah ry99an's comic was well done


Boo chips? Why thank you!

Hell, I might give it a shot this time. Is poetry, fiction and/or voice acting acceptable? Or is it too lame for a contest?

absolutely! whatever you want to submit is fine

Congrats on being able to have Winterwind-NS compose a score for your piece, sure to upgrade it's worth and beauty. I've seen screencaps and parts of the cartoon and I can tell that the visuals combined with the audio will orchestrate beautifully.

Can't wait to see this.

i look forward to see what he will compose too :)

Oh, they're de-fright-ful

Oh, wow. This looks fun! I'll see what I can whip up next week! :)

sounds good :)

Lighthouse girl - In flash?

the animation is in flash, but bg is photoshop and post/fx in AE

niice, winterwind is an excellent choice


how did you unspecify your gender?
perhaps you are a hermafrodita of some sort....

yay trickotreat

hey nice banner faggot yeah fuck you I'm cool congratulations to the winners of my contest :)

cool alt bro

Where's the controversy?

where's the beef?

how much are you willin to fork over those chips?


if you never say "l8s" again i'll give you the whole bag

Winterwind-NS is a great artist, I have like 4 songs from him that I listen to from time to time.

My favorite is probably Pale Ice.

Goddamn your girlfriend is talented.

lighthouse girl and the quest for the chaos mushrooms

wtf this isnt an alt asshat

mother must be proud

and you wonder why i think you're an idiot

hook, line and sinker ;¬)

ctrl+c ctrl+v ;¬)

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