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rtil's News

Posted by rtil - June 2nd, 2022


yes, with the pixelization and everything. the original had been deleted for 'sexualization of an underage character' so i re-submitted it to be safe for their Christian Website. unfortunately, since she isn't inflated, being tickled, doesn't have dirty feet in front of the camera, isn't being vored, and isn't wearing a diaper, they had had enough of me.

i was later informed that if i had removed her scarf and skull hairpiece, that would've been ok. nothing wrong with her body, just the clothes she was wearing, because she wore those when she was 14.

anyway, i just wanted to share that with you all so you can point and laugh at how stupid deviantart is. more like deviantfart, am i right?

honestly, it feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. i've been on that god forsaken site since 2004 and now i never have to go back there, because i can't! good riddance i guess.

and now, memes.







Posted by rtil - October 2nd, 2021




Posted by rtil - June 10th, 2021


I made a quick movie to celebrate Piconjo Day and his glorious p3n0r. Click it and vote 5 or you're a filthy toadie.



Posted by rtil - April 27th, 2021

On Saturday I participated in the Art Office Hours event where I talked about animating in CSP for an hour and a half, showing my process, example files and making an animation on stream while answering Q&A. If this is something that interests you, below is a timestamped VOD. As someone who animated in Flash/Animate for a very long time and recently migrated to CSP, I talk about some strengths, weaknesses and differences as well. Enjoy!

Example CLIP file

Have any more animation questions for me? Feel free to ask below.




Posted by rtil - November 30th, 2020


Every year I normally sell art at anime conventions all around the country. That didn't happen this year for obvious reasons. So this week i'm offering free shipping on all orders above $15 as well as other x-for-x discounts. You can take advantage of them until Friday. Thanks for any support!



Posted by rtil - October 24th, 2020

One of my favorite things about putting together Flash movies was the interactive menus. Sure, preloading was a chore, but the reward - in my opinion - was being greeted with a fun and unique menu. Usually they were on collabs with lots of parts, special credits or even minigames, bonus featurettes or easter eggs to amuse yourself with.

A lot of the old flash cartoons I have uploaded here obviously have had their menus and other things cut when they were converted to video, including the features that came with them. Something that made them special that had to go with the inevitable death of flash player for the web.

I've noticed that a lot of that interactivity in general is removed from video players, like the death of annotations and community subtitles on Youtube. One i'll always remember in particular was CAD: The Annotated Series, in which anyone on Youtube could contribute annotations overlayed on top of the CAD animated series, which was the only way to really tolerate watching such trash. Fortunately, it was preserved here before Youtube killed off annotations for good.

Anyway, maybe someday they will come back as menus continue to live on even in the slow death of physical media where they were ever present on DVD's and Blurays, as you sometimes still get cool menus on streaming VODs. They have a charm to them that I will definitely miss. Maybe they will live on in some fashion through Ruffle? I haven't seen it in action yet, but here's hoping.


Posted by rtil - August 29th, 2020

Come join the artist alley stream at the NG Podcast Discord, where I will be drawing some generic anime girl with cyberpunk stuff on her head.


Posted by rtil - June 20th, 2020

I was interviewed recently by @The-Great-One. Although my last post was an interview of sorts wherein i interviewed myself, these are questions someone else asked me. So, if you'd like to read it, you can check it out here. If you were hoping for a different kind of exposure, i'm still mulling starting an OnlyFans to post pics of my bare ankles and shoulders. TRY NOT TO CUM IN 15 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by rtil - April 23rd, 2020

so i didn't post here for almost 9 years (jan 2011-dec 2019). what was i doing during that time? i'll try to remember as much as i can. for any of you who were curious or didn't follow me elsewhere, this might be interesting. here is my epic journey from internet edgelord to degenerate weeaboomer.

  • 1 month after i left NG i was laid off from my job doing flash animation for games for toddlers. high profile stuff for clients like nickelodeon and disney, but nothing that i personally had pride in. despite that, i actually liked the job at first. it was exciting and a new chapter in my life. by 2011 i had been working there for almost a year, but by the time i was laid off the situation there was so garbage that when i got my 2 weeks notice i was actually elated i never had to step foot in that office again. after leaving the studio, i decided i wanted to try being my own boss and doing freelance work. and i'm still doing that today so it worked out well.
  • my first couple freelance gigs were nothing all that interesting. but my first real forays into doing stuff i was actually interested in working on was Skullgirls as a contract animator back in 2011. Back then they were still Reverge Labs. I came in somewhat late to the original roster, but worked on it all the way up through 2nd encore and had a hand in every DLC character that was released.
  • starting in 2013 i got into tabling at artist alleys at anime conventions. my first con was Sakura-con. since then i have been to too many to count. My favorite by far is Anime Expo in Los Angeles, simply due to the sheer size of it and having a lot of friends who either live there or visit as well. I don't really get to participate in the actual convention as I'm busy selling all day, but it's still an incredible experience. I don't do as many artist alleys as I used to because it is a very exhausting lifestyle - and obviously this year tons of them are cancelled anyway (including AX) - but I do sell pretty much everything I sell at cons on my online store. But when things start going back to normal if you ever catch me at an artist alley be sure to stop by and say hi, i love meeting new people.
  • i played a visual novel called Katawa Shoujo in 2013 and it really resonated with me, so much so that I am still heavily involved in the community today. I started with the Instafeels parodies and from there I've done hundreds of fanart and commissions. I even got the opportunity to work on a few official artbooks for the VN (1) (2 NSFW) (3 NSFW) that were sold at Comiket in Japan. Obviously a lot of time has passed since then and the peak hype has long since gone, but there's still a really strong community of fans that i'm grateful to be a part of. And even though I didn't get to work on the original VN, I'm glad I was able to contribute to the official artbooks.
  • After Skullgirls development ended, Lab Zero started another game not soon after called Indivisible. I began animation work on this back even before the Indiegogo campaign in 2015 when they were developing a prototype for people to try out - and even though the game has released, i'm still animating for it today! This game has a crazy amount of playable characters, NPC's and enemies, so it's been a very diverse project to work on.
  • I've done a lot of work with Studio Yotta, an online studio of super talented animators from all over the world, founded by my long time friend Jake Ganz. Here's some of the projects I contributed on with them:
  • The Sonic Mania opening animation. Specifically, these shots. This was a very challenging project to work on because Sonic & friends had to look absolutely perfect. Obviously, the project turned out to be a huge success. I never dreamed I'd get a chance to work on a Sonic game, a character I grew up and spent so many hours with.
  • The Rick & Morty "Run The Jewels" MV, as well as an FX shot on S4E1, "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat", where Rick's leg gets enveloped by ferrofluid.
  • Some animation and a background for River City Girls, this Battle Chef Brigade spot, and a short shot on the intro for Amphibia.
  • Aside from that, I've been running a Patreon since 2016 and it's grown into a supportive community I'm really grateful for. If it wasn't for my Patreon, a lot of the things I draw and paint would have never been made. It's expanded my horizons more than I ever would have on my own.

There's lots of other unreleased, unfinished or otherwise abandoned stuff I've either started myself or been a part of that aren't worth mentioning - and probably lots of stuff i've simply forgotten about, too. The important thing is that so much has changed in the last 9 years, and mostly for the better. Unfortunately, this year has taken a toll on my health due to an illness, surgery, and now with the quarantine and everything surrounding that - but i'm still able to draw and animate and that's what I need most.

If you're still reading this then I hope you found this short recap interesting and maybe discovered something you didn't know about. If not, then here's a drawing I made that no one has ever seen before, because I made it just now.



Posted by rtil - April 18th, 2020